See season 3 episode 7 recap & review: God Thunder

The seventh episode of See season 3 sees Baba Voss and his family facing the wrath of Tormada and Sibeth’s bombs that come flying on Pennsa. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Tormada prepares his first set of bombs to send them flying on Pennsa in order to give Maghra a taste of the destruction he can bring to her kingdom.

Kofun is caught by the Witchfinders and brought to Sibeth Kane. After realizing that she has aligned herself with Tormada, he asks Kane to reconsider bombing Pennsa, but she doesn’t plan to stop and signals Tormada.

The first few bombs wreak havoc on the Payan Kingdom. Even Baba Voss and his group that had just returned to Pennsa felt the bombs falling from the sky like rain.

Baba Voss and his group find the palace destroyed with Maghra, Baby Wolffe, and Tamatci Jun trapped under it.

Kofun is in disbelief that Kane let her own child get caught in those bombs. Kane, on her side, blames Maghra for putting that baby in harm’s way.

She also stops Tormada from releasing the next set of bombs as she wants Maghra to feel bad for the deaths she has caused.

While Kane debates with Kofun over who is the traitor here, the latter continues reminding her about her baby. Kane later sets him free and sends him to his family so that he can give Maghra her message.

Baba Voss and his family pick themselves up. Everyone is safe and sound. Tamacti Jun analyzes their position and finds out that the Witchfinders and Tormada’s army has surrounded them from all sides.

Haniwa tells Maghra about Harlan’s death, as she was hoping he would come to their rescue with reinforcements. She also gives her the key Harlan told her to give.

Moments later, Kofun walks in with Sibeth’s message, asking Maghra to surrender and walk alone to her camp. Maghra was ready to leave, even though she knew Kane is planning to kill her.

Baba Voss stops her from walking into that trap, especially considering the fact that she can’t even stand by herself.

The family of Baba Voss tries to figure out a way to escape the city. Haniwa tried looking for the box that unlocks using Harlan’s key.

She eventually finds it and out comes a map that outlines all the secret tunnels smugglers use to get in and out of Pennsa. Maghra acknowledged that Harlan was always three steps ahead of them.

Baba Voss and his family prepared the people of Pennsa to escape through those tunnels, while Tormada bickered with Kane over sending Kofun without asking him.

Before leaving, Maghra proposed to Voss about leaving Pennsa after saving their people to settle somewhere far away with their family. She believes if she is gone, Kane might stop hurting the people of her Kingdom.

Voss gives his family a final pep talk as they head into the tunnels. He asks them to stop taking the blame for everything that happened.

Halfway into the tunnel, Haniwa finds her father missing. That’s when Maghra realizes that he left them to kill Sibeth on his own.

Outside the tunnels, Voss and the Ranger open the gates of Pennsa and embark on their way to kill Kane.


  • A heartfelt episode before the series finale hits. It brings Voss and his family together like never before. The glimpses from the past where Voss met Maghra for the first time, are used to push this emotion further.
  • The show also continues to prove that Harlan certainly was a gem of a character. He turns out to be useful even after his death.
  • We also get hints that the partnership between Kane and Tormada may not last long. Both of the characters are leaders in their own right. So probably, it’s a matter of time until we see them pulling knives on each other.
See season 3 episode 7
See season 3 episode 7 recap & review: God Thunder 1

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