See season 3 episode 6 recap & review: The Lowlands

The sixth episode of See season 3 sees Baba Voss and his group embarking on a wrong route to Pennsa, while Sibeth Kane forms an alliance with Tormada. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Maghra and Tamacti Jun come across their dead council, suspecting that the Witchfinders have made their move. Maghra is quite frustrated as she was the one who showed mercy on them, but now they have turned against her.

Cut to Baba Voss and his group. On their way back to Pennsa, they try to figure out how they will catch up with Tormada and warn Maghra that he is coming for the city.

Harlan suggests a dangerous and tricky route. With three sighted people in their group, he is sure that they will manage to pass through it.

Meanwhile, Nevla brings more troops for Tormada and worries that the lack of soldiers will hinder Tormada’s momentum to demolish the city of Pennsa.

Tormada, on his side, tells her that he has built an instrument to shoot the bombs from a distance. Nevla leaves for Trivantes to take care of a kingdom in crisis, while Tormada continues his walk towards Pennsa.

Baba Voss and his group come close to the Lowlands to go through the route Harlan mentioned. Baba Voss talks to Kofun about his compassion and how it makes him fit to be a king.

But, first, he has to reconnect with his sister as they had a fallout at the House of Enlightenment.

Soon, Baba Voss and his group sense someone else around them. A total of six people surrounded and attacked Baba Voss and his group.

The rival group struggles a bit, but gets their hands on Guntar, Harlan, and Haniwa. Baba Voss and the Ranger recognize them as cannibals, who eat their own kind for a living.

Baba Voss ordered Kofun to find his way back to Pennsa to warn his mother. He, on the other hand, will look for Haniwa along with the Ranger and Wren.

Baba Voss and his group lured a bunch of cannibals in. They injured them and followed them to their hideout.

Haniwa wakes up at the hideout of cannibals and watches them eat Guntar. Harlan and Haniwa connected with each other as the cannibals emptied their shelter. The former soon finds a way to set himself free.

For a minute, Haniwa thought Harlan had left her behind quietly, but he came back with a heavier weapon to kill the cannibal who was guarding them.

Outside, Baba Voss and his group took out the entire flock of cannibals and reunited with Harlan and Haniwa. Harlan was seriously injured and not in a condition to walk.

Haniwa got emotional watching Harlan, who gave her a key for Maghra. He also wanted to leave a message for her, but he believed she already knows that he cared for her.

Before Harlan passed out, he requested Baba Voss to not let the Trivantes take over his city.

Amidst all of this, Maghra and Tamcti Jun hunted down the Witchfinders and vanquished Shiloh’s group while they left Shiloh alone to die.

Sibeth Kane and the Witchfinders joined Tormada’s army. Kane proposed to Tormada for marriage, to be her king, once she takes her kingdom back.

Tormada, without a second thought, accepted the proposal. Then Kane moved to kill Lucien, who was against trusting Tormada.

Kofun makes his way to the borders of Pennsa, only to be caught by a Witchfinder, while Tormada and Maghra began assembling their bombs to attack Pennsa any minute.


  • The episode came up with some cool action sequences and sword fights. Watching Maghra fight was a treat, while we had an entertaining battle between Baba Voss and the leader of cannibals. Both of them getting an upper hand, one after the other.
  • Sibeth Kane and Toramda’s union is quite interesting. A crazy Kane and a cunning and intelligent Tormada is a dynamic worth looking out for.
  • Furthermore, the show seems to be sowing seeds for the finale with Kofun as the future king of Pennsa, if Tormada fails to demolish it.
  • Harlan’s death was uncalled for, but as the show is coming to an end, we should expect anyone to die at this moment, no matter how beloved the character is.
See season 3 episode 6
See season 3 episode 6 recap & review: The Lowlands 1

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