Rick and Morty season 7 episode 3 recap & review: Air Force Wong

Rick and Morty season 7 episode 3 sees the US president go a little over the top in a bid to secure 100% approval ratings, while Rick struggles to make progress with his therapy.


Unity is back as she is concerned that Rick is again hunting for Rick Prime. She sent him many voicemails he never cared to attend to.

So she took over Virginia, which has since become a communist paradise, something the US president can’t let happen. He calls in Rick for help when he’s in therapy, and later starts hitting on Dr. Wong.

Rick detests that, and that Unity is back trying to make amends when she dumped him in the first place. The president deploys the dome to envelop Virginia, cutting Unity’s connection with her hosts.

The spray to counteract her psychic hold over humans, created by Rick, is to be used to cure the people stuck in a psychic limbo, vulnerable to anyone who chooses to exploit their state and make a new hivemind.

The US president is the very threat that makes it a reality when he realizes that he can create a hivemind out of humanity and get 100% approval ratings.

Meanwhile, Rick rudely sends Unity back and Dr. Wong breaks things with the President, seeing how he’s really desperate for other’s approval, among other things.

Rick takes Dr. Wong to Unity’s ship, to convince her that he’s worth coming back and helping.

Unity does help out humanity by unleashing an invasion of her people, taking over the humans, and then giving up her psychic control over hundreds of millions of people, something that takes a massive toll on her.

Rick tries to make up, saying he trusts her now, but Unity is over him, saying she doesn’t trust him anymore. A sad Rick goes back to his garage and listens to all the voicemails she had sent him previously.


  • It’s always good to have Dr. Wong return and her paired up with the President makes for a blast. Their back and forth was at times hilarious.
  • Rick’s arc with Unity ends on a sad turn of events, and despite it being on brand, it hits a bit differently because Rick is now genuinely changing for the better bit by bit.
  • Rick and Morty are yet to have an adventure with only the two going at it like usual, but these episodes that swerve from the usual course are great too.
  • Perhaps more than the previous two outings, Rick and Morty season 7 episode 3 has the voice of Rick sounding noticeably off, even if for fleeting moments.
Rick and Morty season 7 episode 3
Rick and Morty season 7 episode 3 recap & review: Air Force Wong 1

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