Platonic season 1 episode 5 recap & review: My Wife’s Boyfriend

In the fifth episode of Platonic, a jealous Charlie invites Will to hang out with him and his friends. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


Will hangs out with his girlfriend, Peyton. During a walk on a mountain, Will clarifies to Peyton that he likes her a lot but is not yet ready for something serious.

At Sylvia’s, while bleaching Will’s hair, Sylvia learns about Will’s new music taste, which is influenced by Peyton. Charlie comes home and is not comfortable seeing Sylvia bleaching Will’s hair.

At night, he expresses dismay about seeing Sylvia with Will. Charlie questions Sylvia about why she has never bleached his hair like that and admits that he felt jealous watching them have so much fun.

The next day, Charlie talks about this with Stewart. Charlie likes to think that Sylvia and Will are close to sleeping with each other if they are not doing it already.

Charlie overthinks the situation and blames himself for not getting along with Will, which he believes is the reason he feels excluded. To fix that, Charlie invites Will to a Dodgers game, where he will be going with his colleagues.

Will receives the invitation and feels something is off. He tells his friends as well as Sylvia, who pretends that everything is alright. Katie reminds Sylvia that she had told her that Charlie will get jealous eventually.

Sylvia plans to talk to Charlie to clear things up, but she fails to muster up the courage to do so. At the Dodgers game, Will learns that everybody at Charlie’s firm calls him Sylvia’s boyfriend.

To calm Charlie down, Will lets him know that he is dating someone else. While giving Will some advice, Charlie admits that he overthought and dragged Will to this event.

After the game, Will takes Charlie and his friend, Stewart, to his bar. When Charlie mentions that he doesn’t have fun with Sylvia the way Will does, Will assures him that she loves Charlie because he is mature and responsible. He doesn’t need to be wild like them.

Will, Charlie, and Stewart introduce each other to what they do to have fun. Soon, they cause havoc at the bar, and it feels like they are having a party. Everyone out there tries to show off a talent of their own. Sylvia arrives, and even she joins the fun.

Sylvia hears that Will now has a girlfriend. A fun banter begins with Sylvia asking why Will didn’t tell her about Peyton. The conversation turns sour when Sylvia learns that everyone at Charlie’s firm is calling Will her boyfriend.

One thing leads to another, and Charlie finds out that Sylvia took ketamine during Will’s divorce party. Before anything else can happen, Sylvia suggests to Charlie that they should head home.

Will trips on glass and injures himself. It is Charlie who aids him. Will is later comforted by his girlfriend, Peyton, who comes over and cooks for him. Will apologizes for being a mess. Peyton clarifies that she likes him anyway. Back home, even Sylvia and Charlie reconcile. The only thing Charlie asks for is to bleach his hair too.


  • The sixth episode of Platonic seems to hint that the show has wrapped up Charlie’s arc in a single episode. Hopefully, that’s not the case, as the confrontation at the end of this episode is the only part that spiced things up for the show.
  • Peyton and her equation with Sylvia will be something to look forward to. So far, Peyton has turned out to be a very likable character. Maybe Will is drawn to her because he is still a kid at heart.
  • The sixth episode doesn’t come packed with the best jokes. In fact, most of them were way too stretched. Even the party at Will’s bar will fail to excite the viewers, though all characters go into their most unpredictable forms.
Platonic season 1 episode 5
Platonic season 1 episode 5 recap & review: My Wife's Boyfriend 1

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