Mythic Quest season 3 episode 6 recap & review: The 12 Hours of Christmas

In episode 6 of Mythic Quest, it is Christmas time at the MQ office and everyone has to celebrate the holiday at work and away from their family and friends. The episode is now streaming on Apple TV+.


It’s Christmas Eve at the Mythic Quest office and everyone is at work to keep the servers running during this busy holiday time. David is trying to cheer up a dejected staff that is away from their family but he doesn’t have much luck.

Ian shows up and David asks him to leave but Ian says he’s there for Poppy because Christmas is a tough time for her as her family doesn’t like her very much. He pays David a hundred dollars to let them stay.

He sees David trying to make a big deal out of Christmas and tells him that the employees don’t want to be reminded of Christmas or it will make everything worse but David is insistent on doing things his way as boss.

Jo goes up to Poppy to wish her Merry Christmas and gives her a gift. Poppy is taken aback and didn’t realise Jo considered her a friend. Jo gets mad because Poppy “did friendship” wrong because she didn’t get a gift for Jo.

Dana and Rachel are celebrating Rachel’s new job as Head of Monetization and Brad joins them to discuss the new holiday feature they’re adding for a limited time. Brad wants to capitalize on the holiday spirit and Dana reminds Rachel that she’s Brad’s boss so she can do things her way.

Jo gets the same gift for Rachel and says that their connection at brunch makes them friends but Rachel is surprised as well and says that she doesn’t have a gift in return.

Ian and Poppy talk about how depressing the office is and then realize that they both paid David a hundred dollars to stay so that they can be there for the other person. They are happy with the fact that they did something nice for each other and now they want to do something nice for the rest of the staff.

The next time David comes out of his office, he sees that the employees are all gone and he finds them partying at GrimPop with Ian and Poppy. He tells them that he wanted to spread the Christmas cheer but Ian and Poppy were too selfish and wanted to have fun.

He shuts down the party and sends everyone back to work. Rachel’s idea of selling the feature for lower and without a limit is doing well but when she brags to Brad about it, the employees hear her and crib because the company is making money but they didn’t get any bonuses.

Jo and Brad pass each other in the break area and talk about how they both showed some vulnerability and weakness and they paid for it but they are going to learn from their mistakes.

Ian and Poppy want to apologize to David in some way and as David falls asleep in his office, they find a way to do that. When David wakes up on Christmas morning, he sees the office covered in snow and Christmas decorations and the staff is happy and having fun.

Ian and Poppy tell him that they got the art department to come in and make the place look like the perfect Christmases that David dreamed of. The staff is happy because they all got bonuses and David gets the credit.

In reality, Rachel felt guilty for making everyone miserable and wants to change that but Brad tells her that in her job she will be forced to rub people the wrong way sometimes and she needs to embrace that. He then finds a way to help out while also making money.

Rachel and Poppy give Jo a gift, a game designed in Playpen where Jo crushes women having brunch and Jo loves it. Everyone celebrates Christmas with singing and joy as David is content.


  • Holiday episodes are usually more about joy and emotions and this one is very much like that. There is a lot of focus on good intentions and helping others out to make them happy.
  • David Hornsby also directs this episode and he does a good job of structuring it. It doesn’t drag too long and the various subplots are given ample time to resolve themselves sufficiently.
  • The script is a bit tame in this episode and the humour is average. Since the episode is driven towards holiday happiness, the funny elements are sacrificed a bit for more heartwarming stuff.
Mythic Quest season 3 episode 6
Mythic Quest season 3 episode 6 recap & review: The 12 Hours of Christmas 1

Director: David Hornsby

Date Created: 2022-12-09 11:30

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