My Hero Academia season 6 episode recap & review: Mirko, the No. 5 Hero

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 2 sees Mirko unleash violence upon Garaki’s experiments while contending with unrelenting brute force from the Nomus. Meanwhile, the Pro Heroes arrive at Gunga Mountain Villa and launch their attack.


Episode 2 of My Hero Academia season 6 picks up after the thrilling events of its predecessor. Mirko lunges at Dr Garaki but his test subject blocks her attack, giving the doctor time to release the High End Nomus.

The showdown commences and Mirko clashes with the intelligent and vocal Nomus; they also strategize, react, scoff, and express emotions. The first counter from the Nomus is devastating but Mirko tanks it using her leg power.

Meanwhile, Endeavor, along with Aizawa and other Pro Heroes, take care of the Nomus on the ground floor. The Pro Heroes led by Edgeshot move forward towards the Gunga Mountain Villa.

An anxious Kaminari is eased up by Midnight and Tokoyami reassuring him. Kaminari thinks of Jiro and his friends and becomes calmer and focused on the mission ahead.

Mirko’s intense battle rages on as she evades dangerous attacks from the Nomus while also attacking them. The Nomus are fierce and soon one of them manages to destroy Mirko’s left arm.

Mirko moves with the same ferocity as before though, locking one of the Nomus between her thighs and plucking his head from his torso — a move that actually kills these Nomus.

Meanwhile, one of the commanders with lightning quirks unleashes his attack on the oncoming Pro Heroes. However, Kaminari arrives and protects the first wave of heroes by absorbing the lighting attack.


  • My Hero Academia kicks into high gear with the second episode of its sixth season, delivering an exhilarating dosage of high-octane action.
  • While the Pro Heroes at the Gunga Mountain Villa and on the ground floor of Jaku Hospital have made little strides, Mirko has been the lone highlight of the Heroes’ attack on the PLF.
  • All the scenes with Mirko are rife with energy and hype that’s characteristic to the Pro Hero. Meanwhile, the episode doesn’t proceed the other storylines too much in the second episode.
  • While the previous episode had more of a balance in terms of the screentime given to significant developments regarding other characters, episode 2 doesn’t exhibit the same quality.
  • Overall, the second episode does serve as a worthy and spiritually consistent follow-up to the My Hero Academia season 6 premiere.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 2
My Hero Academia season 6 episode recap & review: Mirko, the No. 5 Hero 1

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