My Hero Academia season 6 episode 1 recap & review: A Quiet Beginning

My Hero Academia season 6 premiere sets aflame the fodder that’s the anticipated colossal showdown between Heroes and the villains; the police and the pro heroes raid two important bases for the Pro Liberation Front.


My Hero Academia season 6 premiere kicks off with Hawks continuing to successfully gather and relay the crucial data on the Pro Libertarian Front’s movements to the police and pro heroes.

Meanwhile, his relationship with Twice is still on the stronger foot and there’s mutual respect the two have for each other, despite the dubious and fragile caveats lingering in between.

The League members and the Liberation army are working in tandem and several regiments are being led by formidable super villains.

Their plan entails holistic decimation of all the major Japanese cities and creating a world where the law exists no more. An all-out onslaught is in order and it stands to rip the current system to shreds.

The pro heroes are addressed by the police and informed about Dr Kyudai Garaki, the quirkless genius responsible for the creation of Nomus and other diabolical results of inhumane experiments.

They learn that Garaki is none other than the chairman of the Jaku hospital. And thus a strategy is laid out and two targets are chosen — Jaku hospital and the Gunga Mountain Villa — both of which are the alleged PLF’s bases of operations.

Two teams of pro heroes prepare for the surprise attack; Team Endeavor heads off to Jaku General Hospital; Team Edge Shot moves for Gunga Mountain Villa.

Team Endeavor quickly nabs Garaki; Sonic and Eraser unload their fury at him for what he did to their friend.

However, this Garaki turns out to be a mere clone while the real one runs against the time to save his countless collection of quirks and experiments inside the underground facility.

Mirko radios Endeavor about the nomus and villains finally appearing out of the shadows as she hops like lightning and slashes the villains like a knife through butter.

Before Garaki can fully register and move forward with his plan, Mirko blasts open the walls and ask the doctor, gleefully, if he’s the real deal. That’s when My Hero Academia season 6 episode 1 rolls the credits on a short yet exhilarating premiere.


  • My Hero Academia immediately kicks into action in the first episode of its sixth season, leaving little time for the expository spiel and the character development bits.
  • Speaking of character development, it’s great to see the kind of relationship Twice and Hawks have built, also leaving fans to wonder just how it unfolds in the near future.
  • The pacing and the urgent treatment of the matter make the episode feel like the third act of an action-filled affair and it won’t be far-fetched at all to say that this season will practically play out like a long third act.
  • Mirko cranks the action to high-octane levels as soon as she enters the frame, leaving the episode on an exhilarating cliffhanger.
  • Stakes are high and even with the meticulous approach by the pro heroes, the ball is not on their court. Tomura remains in the underground facility, making the entire Team Endeavor operation a ticking dial of doom.
  • If ‘A Quiet Beginning’ is any indication of the episodes to come, My Hero Academia fans are in for a thrilling ride replete with all sorts of drastic whiplash-y curves and bumps along the road.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 1
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 1 recap & review: A Quiet Beginning 1

Director: Tomo Ōkubo

Date Created: 2022-10-01 03:00

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