My Hero Academia season 6 episode 8 recap & review: League of Villains vs. U.A. Students

My Hero Academia season 6 episode 8 sees Momo and other U.A. students rise up together and confront the sentient mountain that is Gigantomachia, as he eagerly moves towards his master Shigaraki.


Giagantomachia has finally arrived and the U.A. students are bracing for and awaiting the impact. They work as a great team, and under Momo’s great leadership, they all work in tandem to assume the positions and launch their attack.

The plan is simple, albeit really difficult to pull off. It entails them all trying their best to make the most of their quirks, and achieve two main things — capture and contain Gigantomachia and get the sedatives inside his mouth.

The first step is to attenuate Giagantomachia’s movements and attach tapes and ropes to him. It’s followed by the strong ones pulling on the binding ropes with all their might to keep restricting the villain’s movements.

The U.A. students manage to pull that off but there’s another problem that dwells on Gigantomachia’s back — the League of Villains. kaminari rises to the occasion and goes to unleash all his electricity upon the villains, but at the last moment, he gets knocked out by Mr Compress.

Meanwhile, the rest of the students make a move to knock the titan out, throwing multiple sedative bottles in the direction of his mouth. However, Giagantomachia blows the lights out of their plan with his mighty exhalation, and Dabi uses the ferocious winds coming out of his mouth to spread his blue flames far and wide, constricting the heroes’ movements further.

Momo and the other students relent and set off the explosives they had installed near Gigantomachia, causing him to sink further into the ground. Meanwhile, Mt. Lady lunges on the villain and forces his mouth open.

Mina launches herself through the flames, protecting herself with her acid, towards Gigantomachia’s mouth. Just as she’s about to throw the bottle in, she is reminded of her previous traumatic run-in with the villain, resulting in her dropping the bottle as she falls down too.

The villain, meanwhile, is annoyed by the heroes who are all like little insects to him. He decides to get rid of these insects and readies himself, but Kirishima persists and climb atop him.

Toga tries to break his sedative bottle but it only turns out to be a decoy, while the hero throws the real one inside the giant’s mouth and succeeds.

However, it seems to have no effect on the villain, who gears up for offense as he goes through several diabolical body transformations, lunging towards the hero before the episode cuts to the battle between Shigaraki and the Pro Heroes.

Endeavor has tried his best and given almost his all, but Shigaraki rises up, going off on his anti-hero tirade, and bracing for his next attack. His target is Aizawa and he’s got the quirk-erasing darts ready.

However, between him and Aizawa stand the pro Heroes who try their best to stop him throughout episode 8 of My Hero Academia season 6.

In the saddest and most shocking moment of the episode, Gran Torino is dealt a nearly fatal blow by Shigaraki, the grandson of Shimura who she had to leave behind for her superhero life, a decision that would have an adverse and quite possibly the worst impact on the kid.

Terribly jolted by the event, Deku pounces on him with all the might and binds him with his whips. All efforts fail to stop him definitively, however, and Shigaraki manages to shoot the bullet that eventually hits Aizawa’s left leg.

This only enrages Deku more as he begins his attacks on the leader of the villains. My Hero Academia season 6 episode 8 ends shortly after the tumultuous turn of events.


  • My Hero Academia delivers some shockers in ‘Villains vs. U.A. Students’ as veteran Gran Torino suffers an absolutely devastating punch from Shigaraki, leaving one wondering if the pro Hero is still alive or not.
  • Meanwhile, Shigaraki manages to hit Eraser Head in his leg, making way for more exciting possibilities going forward, as the levee holding back the villain from using his quirk has just been broken, and his decay can now run amok.
  • However, an enraged Deku stands in his way and he seems to be quite the determined fella this time around, visibly rife with the spirit of vengeance and pro Hero justice.
  • Shigaraki’s unstoppable force, though, is a sight to behold and something one can’t help but be hyped about, as tenacious and perseverance are two qualities the antagonists rarely get to inhabit in media.
  • The forthcoming battle between Deku the preserver and Shigaraki the destroyer is one to anticipate and be enthralled by, while Kacchhan preps himself in the background as well.
  • One major part about My Hero Academia season 6 episode 8 that may get overlooked amidst the battles between the main characters is the struggle between the League of Viains and the U.A. students.
  • The students put a great and commendable display of teamwork and bravado, helping the pro Heroes while doing more than them against an enemy that is pretty much the strongest foe they face besides Shigaraki.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 8
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 8 recap & review: League of Villains vs. U.A. Students 1

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