My Hero Academia season 6 episode 24 recap & review: A Young Woman’s Declaration

In My Hero Academia season 6 episode 24, Ochaco rises up and bellows out her heartful support for Deku, in an effort to sway the refugee sentiments regarding him inside the confines of the UA school.


Episode 24 of My Hero Academia season 6 begins with Nezu explaining to the 1-A students the various advanced ways he’s managed to get the school barrier fortified. There are underground layers that he claims make it near impossible for Shigaraki to attack the civilians being transported via maglevs below it, should an emergency arise.

Cut to the present day, and the civilians who’ve found refuge at U.A. protest with all their anger at the faculty to bring back Deku, a student whose arrival also invites the perils of the villains and makes their refuge just as dangerous a spot as the ones they’d have to flee from.

Deku is shattered, and his friends and the teachers are upset to see the kind of protest which seems so relentlessly opposed to Midoriya. However, Ochaco rises to the situation and jumps atop the U.A. building, addressing the protesters with a microphone in her hands.

She screams and shouts, through emotions and tears, her support of Deku, making the protesters realize how despite his powers and the dangers he brings with him, Deku is still a high schooler. The protesters are too enraged to consider her points until she diverts their eyes to the state that her classmate is in.

Ochaco’s words and Deku’s pitiful state gets through to the most contentious of the protestors and the crowd registers a drastic change in the collective sentiments regarding the young hero. Kota and the mutant girl that Deku saved a while back from paranoid civilians are two of the first ones to break away from the crowd and comfort Deku, who’s been bawling from the speech that Ochaco just delivered.

Eventually, the entire crowd comes to Deku’s side, embracing him and rationally engaging with the wants of this particular circumstance. Meanwhile, Deku promises them that he will retake everything they’ve lost to the villains.

Nezu updates Aizawa on the positive development that came about thanks to his students while also talking about Kurogiri, who it’s revealed, has been transferred to the Central Hospital where work on getting his consciousness back is in progress.

The episode ends with All Might igniting the engine and driving away in his car, intending to find more anti-hero civilians who are still out there. Meanwhile, Stain continues to tail him.


  • My Hero Academia delivers yet another episode where tears move more than hands and legs as the protesting civilians are convinced of Deku’s continued stay in the U.A. and how it would benefit them in the long run.
  • Ochaco’s speech is rife with emotions that don’t just appeal to Deku but all who are blindsided by their desperation to survive and the selfishness therein that renders them incapable of empathizing with the young and precarious fellow that the high schooler Deku is.
  • Meanwhile, Nezu’s brief on the fortified new version of the U.A. defensive barrier provides a lot of fodder for future My Hero Academia episodes to chew on. How the villains wade through the advanced layers of defense and heroes makes for an enthralling prospect for sure.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 24
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 24 recap & review: A Young Woman's Declaration 1

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