My Hero Academia season 6 episode 23 recap & review: Deku vs. Class A

In My Hero Academia season 6 episode 23, Deku is confronted by his UA friends who all try to stop him from the lonely path he’s embarked on.


All of Deku’s friends in Class A arrive at the scene where Deku is fighting the villain named Dictator. After restraining the villain, they confront Deku, who asks them all to back off and keep their distance from him.

However, he’s friends are not deterred and they are unrelenting in their quest to save their friend from the darkness he’s enveloped himself with. Deku fears that All For One’s onslaught will take more of his loved ones away from him, so he wishes to tread the path alone and take on the enemy by himself.

His friends, however, try to remind him that real strength is in unity and he shouldn’t bear the burden of such gigantic responsibility by himself. Deku can’t allow himself to be the reason more people lose their lives, and their smiles, but in his efforts, he’s forgotten the smile himself.

Bakugo, Todoroki, Ochaco, Lida, and the rest of the class A students take turns to stop Deku with their quirks, but the One For All bearer always eludes them with his new powers.

His friends keep up their efforts and when Deku uses the whip and Fa Jin to take off, crying and apologizing that he can’t stay with them, the class gets on working and combine many quirks to inflict a great push on Todoroki and Bakugo, who further use their quirks to blast away and throw Lida to the forefront, who uses his quirk and finally catches up to Deku mid-air.

Red Riot catches Lida and Deku and saves them from falling, as Deku finally loses all his energy. He can’t be convinced yet, though, as he tries to tell how scared he is of his friends. In a very significant moment of his life, his childhood bully Bakugo steps forward and Apologizes for his treatment of him, that he reveals was borne out of his own insecurities and fears.

Bakugo is shocked and overwhelmed to see how his friends have matured so much and gotten ahead of him in so many ways. He apologizes for underestimating them and falls down, only to be caught by Bakugo.

The ending of My Hero Academia season 6 episode 23 sees the class carrying Bakugo to the UA High school, which is now enclosed within a mighty high barrier wall. However, the civilian refugees inside those walls are all gathered up, protesting the return of Deku, claiming this will put them in danger again.

As Deku begins to walk away, Ochaco stops him and reassures him that everything is going to be alright, before turning away to face the protesters and defend her friend.


  • My Hero Academia delivers an endearing episode in Deku vs. Class A, presenting a most crucial moment of Midoriya’s life as his childhood bully Bakugo finally musters up the courage to apologize for his actions.
  • In doing so, along with all the efforts that the class A students put to save Deku from his isolated conquest, they make him realize just how much he has been underestimating them and the power they have when they’re united.
  • The mid-battle nuggets of reminiscing that the friends do in order to remind Deku of the merry days, although clichéd, are also heartwarming and portray a really healthy relationship and bond they all share with the protagonist.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 23
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 23 recap & review: Deku vs. Class A 1

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