My Hero Academia season 6 episode 11 recap & review: Dabi’s Dance

‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 episode 11 sees Dabi shock Endeavor and the rest of the world with his real identity while the crisis of the villains grows direr.


Midoriya falls to the ground and so does Shigaraki. Todoroki catches Midoriya mid-fall, along with Bakugo and Endeavor, and makes a rough landing. Shigaraki is not done yet, though.

Even though All For One needs him to retreat since his body is very close to crumbling apart, but Shigaraki is blind in his rage. Nejire and Lida arrive and while Lida ensures the safety of the injured, Nejire pushes Shigaraki back.

Todoroki and Nejire attack Shigaraki and knock him out but at the same time get knocked back by Gigantomachia, who’s finally caught up to his master. Dabi has also arrived on the monster’s back.

Meanwhile, Ochaco battles Toga and tries her best to pin her down and resume her rescue. The villain picks up Ochaco’s Christmas gift she got from Deku, which enrages Ochaco.

After tearing up at Ochaco’s words and Tsuyu’s arrival, Toga escapes and runs off to join other villains, leaving Ochaco to wonder what that whole conflicting spiel was.

Dabi, meanwhile, shocks Endeavor and other Pro Heroes by revealing his true identity. He’s the number one hero’s eldest and presumed dead son, Toya Todoroki.

Thanks to Skeptic’s brilliant hacking skills, the rest of Japan watches a recorded confession on their TV sets, wherein Toya reveals to all the vile and power-hungry reality of their beloved hero no. 1.

Meanwhile, Endeavor can’t help but stand still and gawk in horror as his eldest son, who he had thought to be dead all this time, is dancing with sinister joy in front of him, threatening to exact his vengeance on his father.

Todoroki tries to snap Endeavor out of his state of shock, with little success, while Dabi jumps at him, ready to unleash his own ‘Prominence Burn’ attack.

However, during the last moments of ‘My Hero Academia’ season 6 episode 11, Best Jeanist falls from the sky with a great many cables, instantly grabbing Dabi and preventing him from attacking his father.


  • ‘My Hero Academia’ delivers one of its more significant revelations in ‘Dabi’s Dance’.
  • The aptly titled episode’s most remarkable moments come in the celebration of the titular villain’s ultimate display of hatred for his father and in his grand revelation to the world.
  • The dynamic of the Todoroki family is shaken up and how the different family members contend with these extreme turn of events lends to some genuinely great moments in the episode.
  • Best Jeanist arriving at the very precarious fraction of a second is a relief and a sneak peek at the hopefully high-octane action to come.
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 11
My Hero Academia season 6 episode 11 recap & review: Dabi's Dance 1

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