My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Drowning in Dreams

In My Happy Marriage episode 9, Miyo keeps pushing herself to become the ideal wife while Arata Tsuruki meets her when Kiyoka is not home.


Miyo is saved from falling by Arata and she thanks him as she composes herself. Kiyoka comes in running to see Miyo resting by Hazuki’s side.

The siblings discuss Miyo’s Usuba connection and her recurring nightmares. Later, Kiyoka is informed about an attack from the Grave Grotesqueries.

Hazuki asks Miyo about her ideal life and she says she never thought about it. However, she wishes to be by Kudo’s side in his home. Hazuki also reveals details about her life’s regret and the failed marriage.

Kiyoka learns more details about Iwashimizu’s investigations and later that night, he asks Miyo to confide in him and seek his support whenever she needs it.

The next day, Arata visits Miyo and talks smack about Kiyoka, assuming he treats her badly, which disturbs Miyo, and before he walks away, he gives her his business card telling her he’s got a thing for her only she can do.

He later meets Kiyoka and informs him that he’s to take the lead in the operation against Grotesqueries. After the meeting, he tells Kiyoka that his treatment of his fianceé is the worst and he doesn’t even know that she collapsed outside the other day, which shocks Kiyoka.

Kudo learns from Iwashimizu that he found one Sumi who had no birth certificate and household. Her full name was Sumi Tsuruki, with the same surname as Arata. Kiyoka goes home and is worried to see Miyo still not taking proper rest.

He expresses discontentment over this and ends up hurting Miyo a bit, just as she faints in his arms. My Happy Marriage episode 9 ends with Kiyoka taking Miyo to meet Arata and have him help in solving her issues after getting to the bottom of them.


  • My Happy Marriage episode 9 does little in terms of expanding upon the Grotesqueries or revealing what Arata’s true intentions are.
  • However, there’s a lot in terms of the buildup. All the dominoes seem to have been set up for the major confrontation with the mysterious and suspicious Arata.
  • Whether his intentions with Miyo are good or nefarious remains to be seen but there’s definitely something larger going on behind the scenes and inside the Imperial walls.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 9
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 9 recap & review: Drowning in Dreams 1

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