Miyo Saimori: My Happy Marriage character explained

Miyo Saimori is the lead protagonist of My Happy Marriage, a young woman who’s had to endure abuse from her family all her life, only for her life to change for the better when she gets married to Kiyoka Kudo.

Miyo Saimori is the eldest daughter of the Saimori family but her age or perceived status stands in stark contrast with how her life actually has been since a tender age.

Right after her birth mother’s departure, her stepmother’s arrival marked constant trouble for her, which ends being the same approach to loved ones by her daughter Kaya and her husband Shinichi.

Abusive family

Miyo has an abusive family whose apathy and cruelty know no bounds. Her stepmother Kanoko Saimori started her cruel treatment of her right off the bat when she got married to Shinichi Saimori.

Over the years, she would subject her to verbal abuse and worse, get her to do the household chores like a servant as well as teach her biological daughter Kaya to hate her elder stepsister as well. Kaya would learn all that hate and unload that acquired cruelty upon Miyo.

Meanwhile, Miyo’s father Shinichi Saimori has been just as bad a family member to her. He’s always apathetic towards her and lets his second wife and younger daughter abuse her, without so much as a raise or an eyebrow.

Latent powers

It’s in the source material for My Happy Marriage where it’s eventually revealed that this discrimination that Miyo faces at the hands of her family members is also in part due to her inability as a magic user.

My Happy Marriage Kanoko, Kaya, Shinichi
Image source: Netflix

Her father, it’s later revealed in the manga, only married Sumi Usuba (Miyo’s late biological mother) for the advancement of the Saimori family. However, Sumi ended up sealing Miyo’s powers when she was a child in order to protect her from the Usuba family members.

This left her with an inability to flex even the basic gifts that most are able to do, which also made Shinichi disregard her as his daughter. However, they’re all unaware that she houses one of the more powerful abilities deep inside herself.

Hopeful future

While all seems bleak and unchanging, Miyo is told to leave the house and go live with Kiyoka Kudo, the powerful and rumored to be cruel and cold heir of the Kudo family with whom her marriage has been arranged.

However, unlike the rumors, when Miyo actually gets to know her, he turns out to be a compassionate, kind, and calm person. He later helps Miyo break out of the shell she’s been reduced to due to her treatment back at home.

Slowly but surely, Miyo starts breaking out of her shell and breaking the seal put on her by her mother back during childhood. She gains newfound confidence and even learns to stand up for herself

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