My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Glamorous Lady of Summer

In My Happy Marriage episode 7, Miyo requests Kiyoka to let her visit the remains of the Saimori home. Meanwhile, Kiyoka’s older sister visits home.


Miyo requests Kiyoka to take her to the remains of the Saimori home after learning it’s all been burnt down. He takes her there and tells her about the Saimori family’s current state.

Shinichi and Kanoko have gone off to their home in the countryside while Kaya has gone to live and work with a strict family. The Tatsuishi family is now answerable to the Kudos and their head is now replaced by Kazushi.

Miyo sees the burnt stump of the cherry blossom tree her mother planted when she married. She touches it and it instantaneously turns to ash and the chars fly away.

Kiyoka apologizes for causing all this but Miyo assures him that he did what he did for the greater good.

They leave and on the way he tells her that since their betrothal ceremony would be unlikely, he just wants to proceed with their engagement, revealing that she might meet the head of the Kudo family, his father, soon.

Before they can get outside the house, Koji arrives and asks to talk to Miyo in private. He tells her that he’s going to the city to work on his supernatural gifts so he can protect those he cares for.

He then reminds him of the day he was just about to propose to her, and Miyo feigns ignorance since her heart belongs to Kiyoka now. Koji understands swiftly and stands up, bidding her farewell with a smile and walking away with a determination to start anew.

Soon, Miyo and Kiyoka complete their engagement ceremony and make it official. Later, an unexpected visitor shows up at the door. It’s Hazuki Kudo, Kiyoka’s older sister.

A while ago, Miyo had revealed to Kudo that she wants to reeducate herself as a lady and he accepted her request, also telling her that he’s got the perfect teacher in mind for her. The teacher he had in mind was Hazuki.

Miyo and Hazuki bond really great and the latter tells her if they have a goal to reach, the education would be swift and breezy. A party two months later that she and Kiyoka are both invited to, she opines, makes a perfect goal for Miyo to strive for.

Kiyoka agrees that it’ll be the perfect avenue for her to apply her education. She takes leave until the next time and later that night, Kiyoka wakes up sensing a gifted user nearby, realizing it’s Miyo again, who’s having nightmares again.

General Okaita summons Kiyoka and tells him that his majesty has had a revelation. They’re to go to him soon and report the Tatsuishi incident as well. Another issue that the General wanted to talk about before heading off is “The Grave.”

He tells Kiyoka that it has been hit and although not much is known at the moment, they know that the Grave has been unsealed.

This exact transgression is shown in a previous scene where a mysterious sect of men perform a ritual and unseal the grave, unleashing some humanoid silhouettes who look menacing, to say the least.

My Happy Marriage episode 7 ends with Arata gleefully talking to himself, saying the time has come and that he’s coming to get Miyo.


  • My Happy Marriage episode 7 packs a lot of stuff compared to the usual installments and there are a lot of exciting new developments.
  • Hazuki Kudo is a warm presence and an instant favorite from the very first frame that has her. It also feels really great to see Miyo be in the company of a woman around her age and be so warm and welcoming to her.
  • Kaya seems to have learned nothing and it seems dubious if even the hardships that she is supposed to contend with in the family she’s going to work for and live with next.
  • Kiyoka and Miyo are absolutely adorable and the blushes and star-eyes are a delight to behold.
  • Arata’s nefarious glee hints at something ominous coming for Miyo and Kiyoka in the upcoming episodes of My Happy Marriage.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 7
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Glamorous Lady of Summer 1

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