Kiyoka Kudo: My Happy Marriage character explained

kiyoka Kudo is one of the main characters in My Happy Marriage, serving as one of the most important people in protagonist Miyo’s new life.

After living like a servant in her own so-called prestigious family, Miyo Saimori was plunged into another hellscape when she learns that she was to be arranged married to Kiyoka Kudo.

This man is supposed to have a most cruel reputation in public and rumors about him paint him to be the worst person alive.

Miyo has already submitted to the whiplashes that life offers so she accepts this fate as well. However, when she comes to live with her fiancé for more than a day, she witnesses an entirely different picture.

Kiyoka of rumors & reputation

Kiyoka Kudo has the worst possible reputation in the public eye. He is said to be a very cruel man which is what makes it such a merry opportunity for Miyo’s sadist family to subject her to this rumored beast of a man.

Miyo has never seen warmth ever since her mother passed away.

Her stepmother and sister made it their lifelong quest to abuse and mistreat her, so they couldn’t help but be giddy when Miyo gets sent off to this cruel man, instead of Koji, the only man who ever showed care for her.

Miyo is a bit taken aback but swiftly accepts the fate that has been written for her another person with a cruel heart and temperament, to be subjected to the whims and sadism of said man for the rest of her life ahead as she has experienced in her life thus far.

Kiyoka of reality

However, when Miyo glances at Kiyoka Kudo for the first time, she is taken aback to see a most beautiful visage, existing in stark contrast with the rumors that don’t seem to have it all right.

While a face is not the whole picture and appearances are often deceptive, Miyo soon learns that her fiancé is a beautiful man inside out.

While the beginning is shaky and Kudo treats Miyo with a certain coldness since he expects her to harm him, he quickly notices that she’s different.

My Happy Marriage Kiyoka Kudo Miyo
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Miyo also learns why so many of his previous fianceés ran away within just a couple of days of arriving at his house.

The reason is revealed to be the nature of these fianceés, who all came for Kiyoka’s money and power, but soon saw that he’s not keen on flexing opulence and such.

Behind a stern exterior, he’s all soft and considerate, but the previous fianceés couldn’t see that and even tried poisoning him to get out of their predicament, before eventually running away.

After his initial doubts that Miyo might be the same, Kudo takes little time to find out that she’s different from all those who came before her. Meanwhile, Miyo also witnesses the warmth and kindness that her husband-to-be contains within him.

Kiyoka of dreams

Kiyoka Kudo is more than just a compassionate person whose positive qualities disabused Miyo’s notions and destroy all the rumors.

He’s quite a romantic as well. He takes notice of Miyo’s poor clothes and gets her new kimonos, even picking colors that suit her the best and match her own tastes. He also gifts her a comb after noticing she uses a broken one.

He constantly praises her and even gets past himself in inadvertently admitting how beautiful she is.

Kiyoka Kudo goes one step ahead and learns about her troubled upbringing and cruel family, later visiting them to offer an ultimatum — apologize to Miyo or sever all ties with the Kudo family, while also announcing that he’s to marry Miyo soon.

One day, he also gives her an amulet that is meant to offer her protection when she goes outside. When he learns about her kidnapping, he leaves no stone unturned in getting her back.

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