My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 2 recap & review: About My Husband-to-be

My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 2 sees Miyo try and be of use in the Kudo household, meeting some setbacks before succeeding.


Miyo wakes up early and gets on making breakfast, which she later presents to Kiyoka who asks her to eat it first. She hesitates since this is an unusual ask and she’s already terrified of this new environment.

Kiyoka takes that hesitation as a confirmation of his theory that she has poisoned the food, likely inspired by the similar acts that might have been committed by his previous fianceés. He refuses the food and goes off to work, leaving Miyo defeated and heartbroken, as she blames herself for not being useful at all.

Yuriel asks Kiyoka to not be harsh on Miyo and he later thinks about how she so passionately defended his fianceé while working at the Special Anti-Grotesquerie Unit. Meanwhile, Koji shifts into the Saimori household and still longs for Miyo.

When Kiyoka returns, Miyo apologizes for overstepping and making breakfast when Kiyoka would obviously not trust her. He later apologizes to her for the morning and tells her she can take over the breakfast duties. Miyo is delighted.

She cooks the breakfast the next day and Yuriel helps out. Kiyoka likes the food and acknowledges it, which makes Miyo tear up as she wonders just how long it’s been since she’s been praised by someone. Meanwhile, Tatsuishi confronts Saimori, upset at him for depriving them of Miyo, the blood from the Usuba family.

The episode also delves into Miyo’s troubled childhood, from the venom that her stepmother would spit behind her back about her lack of supernatural abilities. She would also steal all her mother’s belongings and even destroy them. Lastly, she would also get Hana fired, the only maid who was nice and caring of Miyo back then.


  • Miyo’s inability to stop apologizing and her general body language are just hard to watch and paired with all the beautiful visuals, her misery just becomes more melancholic.
  • It then becomes all the more wholesome that her new chapter in life seems to be shaping up to be such an improvement, albeit there’s a lot of change to come before she can smile again.
  • My Happy Marriage episode 2 also expands upon the supernatural abilities even if it does so in a small capacity.
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 2
My Happy Marriage season 1 episode 2 recap & review: About My Husband-to-be 1

Director: Teppei Takeya

Date Created: 2023-07-15 12:30

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