My Demon season 1 episode 2 recap & review: Everyone Has a Demon in Their Heart

In the second episode of My Demon, Gu-won is not happy to know that he no longer has his tattoo and that he needs Do-hee to use his powers. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Do-hee risks her life to save Gu-won, but she cannot pull him out of the water. As she is holding Gu-won’s hand, he is able to save them both. Once Gu-won realizes that his tattoo is on Do-hee’s wrist, Do-hee passes out. 

Gu-won takes her to the hospital and calls Ms. Shin. When Do-hee wakes up, Gu-won is uncharacteristically nice to her. Gu-won realizes that he can still use his powers as long as he is holding Do-hee’s hand. 

The only problem is that Do-hee and Gu-won do not get along. The two of them also meet the detective who is handling their case, Sergeant Park Kyung-soo. With Gu-won’s help, the police manage to get a sketch of the man who tried to kill Do-hee.

However, the sketch is of no use. It is revealed that the man who attacked Do-hee was wearing a mask. He is a serial killer, and he works at the Blue Night Theatre. He seems to be obsessed with killing Do-hee.

Since Do-hee’s assailant claimed that he is killing her because of Madam Ju, Do-hee goes to meet Madam Ju. She questions Madam Ju, who assures her that she is not hiding anything from her. However, Madam Ju is definitely keeping secrets. 

She knows something about the deaths of Do-hee’s parents; Do-hee’s father cofounded Mirae Electronics, which is the parent company of Mirae Group. Later, Madam Ju confesses to a priest that she is scared of Do-hee not forgiving her. 

Without his powers, Gu-won cannot collect the souls of the people who made deals with him. If he fails to make new deals or meet the expiration dates of the old ones, he will spontaneously combust. Gu-won then asks his butler, Mr. Park, to find out everything that he can about Do-hee.

Gu-won comes to know that Do-hee has worked hard all her life. She started a dessert company when she was in college. In a few years, her company became number one in the country and went on to become Mirae F&B.

Due to some false information leaked by Madam Ju’s daughter, Noh Su-ahn, Do-hee’s company loses 260 billion won. As Do-hee has proof that Su-ahn is having an affair, Su-ahn is forced to get the article taken down when Do-hee threatens to make her affair public.

Gu-won is good at bewitching people; he was able to entrap his butler in two different lives. Gu-won decides to use Do-hee to get access to his powers. He tells her that he is sick and gets her to meet him. 

Now that he is holding Do-hee’s hand, he can use his powers. Before anything else, he collects the soul of an athlete who had made a deal with him but refused to honor their contract when the time came.

Gu-won also takes Do-hee to walk by the river and jumps into it with her without giving her prior warning. He thinks that being underwater again might result in the tattoo getting transferred from her wrist to his. 

While Gu-won fails to get the tattoo back, almost losing her life the second time unnerves Do-hee, who has still not recovered from the first attempt on her life. Do-hee gets upset and makes it clear that she does not want to see Gu-won again.

Do-hee then finds out that Cha Tae-jun, the man who wanted to give her an important piece of information, was killed. Do-hee knows that she cannot trust Madam Ju’s family because Do-hee is Madam Ju’s favorite, which gives them all a reason to kill her. 

She cannot even trust Madam Ju’s nephew, Ju Seok-hoon, who seems to like Do-hee. On top of that, Jin Ga-young, who wants to date Gu-won, gets jealous when she finds out that Gu-won lost his powers to Do-hee. This gives Jin Ga-young a motive to hurt Do-hee.

Just then, someone attacks Do-hee with acid, but Gu-won arrives there in time and saves her. It is Gu-won who is injured, but he is not in pain, as he is seen holding Do-hee’s hand and using his powers.


  • Kim Yoo-jung switches between the roles of a no-nonsense businesswoman and a comic character in the presence of Gu-won or Madam Ju with ease. She comes across as powerful and amusing.
  • My Demon is a visually appealing show. The episode begins with water splashing because of Gu-won’s powers and the sun rising. The scene is a feast for the eyes.
  • There is a bit of slapstick comedy in this episode, and it is enjoyable. The audience will have a good laugh at Gu-won’s expense.
My Demon season 1 episode 2
My Demon season 1 episode 2 recap & review: Everyone Has a Demon in Their Heart 1

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