My Demon season 1 episode 1 recap & review: Living in the Mist

The first episode of My Demon sees an heiress named Do Do-hee accidentally going on a date with a demon, Jeong Gu-won. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


The episode begins with a demon interrupting a human gathering around 200 years ago, during the Joseon Dynasty. The presence of the demon made everyone flee, except a young girl who injured him and drew blood.

The demon, Jeong Gu-won, healed the wound in seconds and left without harming the girl. He then went back to his work. 

The demon finds desperate people and makes deals with them. He grants their wishes after they sign a contract in blood. Once these humans die, their souls go to Hell, the place where Jeong Gu-won came from.

In the present, the show introduces Do Do-hee, the CEO of Mirae F&B. Apart from being an internet sensation, she is known as the princess of the Mirae Group. After losing her parents 11 years ago, Do-hee was adopted by the chairwoman of the Mirae Group, Ju Cheon-suk.

Ju Cheon-suk, or Madam Ju, has two children, a daughter-in-law, a grandson, and a nephew, yet she loves Do-hee the most. The question remains: who will get to be the chairperson of the Mirae Group after Madam Ju?

Madam Ju wants to get Do-hee married before she dies, so she keeps forcing Do-hee to go on blind dates. Do-hee goes on these dates, but she always rejects the men Madam Ju chooses for her because she does not want to be in a relationship.

On Do-hee’s birthday, due to a mix-up, Do-hee ends up meeting Jeong Gu-won at a restaurant and thinks that he is the man Madam Ju has chosen for her. Jeong Gu-won is just there to have a good meal.

Do-hee and Gu-won are both rude to each other. After staying for some time, Do-hee decides to leave, and that is when the henchmen of a man who died after making a deal with Gu-won attack them.

Gu-won saves the cake that he had ordered for himself from hitting Do-hee in the face. Do-hee thinks that he went through all that trouble to save her birthday cake. This impresses her, and she decides not to reject him.

While Do-hee is ready to give Gu-won a chance, Gu-won does not want anything to do with her. Later, Madam Ju makes Do-hee’s secretary, Shin Da-jeong, contact Gu-won, but he dismisses her as well.

Gu-won’s foundation, Sunwol Foundation, supports traditional artists and produces performances. His butler as well as his leading star, Jin Ga-young, are the only ones who are aware that he is a demon.

The head of Mirae Group’s financial team, Cha Tae-jun, contacts Do-hee, claiming that he has an important piece of information that will make her the chairwoman. Cha Tae-jun is then killed by someone who later tries to kill Do-hee as well.

The assailant tells Do-hee that he is killing her because of Madam Ju. It is then that Gu-won comes to her rescue. He asks Do-hee to make a deal with him if she wants him to save her. 

Do-hee agrees to sign the contract without knowing anything about it, but they never get to sign the contract. Gu-won fails to save Do-hee because he cannot use his magic when he is touching her. He then jumps into a water body to save her. 

Do-hee returns the favor and risks her life to save an unconscious Gu-won from drowning. The moment she touches him, the tattoo on Gu-won’s wrist appears on Do-hee’s wrist, transferring his powers to her. 


  • The first episode of My Demon is not devoid of clichés, but it is still enjoyable. The episode introduces various characters as well as Gu-won’s powers, and the actors manage to make it entertaining.
  • Do-hee and Gu-won’s first meeting is a comedy of errors. The meeting as well as Gu-won’s fight with the goons who ruin his precious cake will draw laughter from the audience.
  • Madam Ju and Do-hee’s relationship is as amusing as it is adorable. It is just the first episode, and they only share the screen for a short while, but it is not hard to see that their bond is special. 
My Demon season 1 episode 1
My Demon season 1 episode 1 recap & review: Living in the Mist 1

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Date Created: 2023-11-25 13:35

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