Ms. Marvel season 1 episode 6 recap & review: No Normal

The final episode of Ms. Marvel rounds out the evolution of Kamala Khan into a full-fledged superhero as she gets a chance to showcase her abilities in a life-threatening situation. The episode is now streaming on Disney+.


Bruno and Kamran stumble across the city as they try to get away from the Damage Control. Kamala has returned home and the fact that she’s a superhero is revealed to the rest of her family.

Nakia calls Kamala to tell her that Bruno is in trouble and Kamala gets ready to head out and look for them. Her mother stops her and gives her a gift which turns out to be a specially made costume for her that really captures what she’s about.

Bruno and Kamran go to the mosque where Nakia asks them to escape to their school instead while she and the other people in the mosque buy them time. Agent Deever conducts a search of the mosque while paying no heed to the protests.

Kamala meets Bruno and Kamran along the way and accompanies them to the school. She calls up Kareem and asks him for some way to get Kamran out of the city and he tells her to get him to the harbour by midnight.

Kamala, Bruno and Kamran meet up with Nakia at the school before Zoe shows up, reveals that she knows about Kamala’s powers, and supports her. Damage Control surrounds the school and while Deever wants to engage them Agent Cleary tells her to stand down.

Kamala and the others hatch a plan to stall Damage Control and give Kamran a chance to escape. Kamala’s brother also joins in after their mother sends him to look after her. Kamran is struggling to manage the power that is inside him.

Agent Deever goes against Agent Cleary’s orders and sends a tactical team into the school. Zoe uses her clout on social media to let as many people as possible know about what’s happening and all of them rush to the school and form a crowd outside.

After evading them for a reasonable amount of time, the others are apprehended and only Kamala and Kamran remain. Kamran asks Kamala what happened to his mother and when he finds out that she is dead, he becomes enraged.

He heads out of the school to face Damage Control head-on even though he doesn’t have proper control over his powers. Kamala gets in the way and tries to manage the situation without any casualties.

Kamran completely loses it and closes to hurting everybody but around but Kamala gets through to him with some words of inspiration and hope before buying some time and allowing him to escape.

Agent Deever orders her men to take in Kamala but the crowd stands in their way as Kamala leaps off into the distance using her powers.

There’s a wave of appreciation on social media for the new superhero as Kamala admires it on her phone. She has a chat with her father where he talks about the meaning of her name which means ‘marvel’, calling her the family’s ‘ms. marvel’.

She meets up with Bruno and Nakia and Bruno tells her that he analysed her genetics and found out there is a mutation in her genes that doesn’t exist among other members of her family. She brushes it off as just another obstacle she will cross.

In the post-credits scene, Kamala notices her bangle light up and tingle and all of a sudden she’s flung into the closet, but the person who gets out isn’t Kamala, but Captain Marvel herself, Carol Danvers. She’s surprised at where she’s ended up before rushing to fix whatever it is that happened.


  • The final episode of Ms. Marvel was high octane with quite a bit of ‘home alone’ style hijinks taking place at the school. The fact that these kids could successfully hold off a trained tactical team for that long is hilarious.
  • The MCU attempted to course-correct with regards to Kamala’s origin and powers but it was not executed properly. The way she suddenly embiggens without any previous mention of it or real understanding of her powers was too convenient.
  • The mention of her genetic mutation is a reference to the Mutants of the X-Men, but being mentioned in such a throwaway manner felt lazy.
  • Kamala’s artwork being brought to life by the animation team returns in this episode and it has been a highlight of the series.

Rating: 3.5/5

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