Boo, Bitch ending explained: Is Erika really dead?

In the supernatural comedy series Boo, Bitch, a girl named Erica Vu believes that she is dead and needs to address some unfinished business before she can pass on to the afterlife. The show is now streaming on Netflix.

Plot summary

Erica (Lana Condor) and Gia (Zoe Colletti) are two unnoticed high school girls who want to get attention before going to college.

The former’s school life has been so underwhelming that people don’t even know her name. Due to an incident in earlier school days, everybody thinks she’s actually named Helen Who.

At Gia’s request, Erica agrees to go to Jake W’s party together to change things, and they actually somewhat succeed in having a great time.

Erica turns out to be great at beer pong and even has the entire crowd cheering for her as she knocks out one opponent after another.

To make things even better, her crush, Jake C, breaks up with his girlfriend Riley, kind of a nemesis of Erica, and he and Erica almost kiss. He later asks for her number.

While walking after the party excited about the future, they are seemingly hit by a truck and wake up at their respective houses.

When Erica finds her necklace to be missing, they return to the spot and find that a dead body is buried under a moose wearing Erica’s shoes.

Believing she is dead, Erica wonders why she’s still in the mortal world, all the while exploring her newfound powers. Everybody can still see her and things between her and Jake C keep getting better.

When the two consult Afterlifers, a cult group, they inform them that if the spirit has unfinished business, it is possible for people to see and touch them.

Erica strongly believes that kissing Jake C is her unfinished business, but before she does, she lets Gia and her family know how much they mean to her.

She also tries to apologise to Devon, also known as stinky at school as he was thought to be the culprit of farting on an earlier school day, while it was actually Erica. But he rejects her apology.

However, even after kissing Jake C, she does not fade away. Riley acts as if she’s okay with his boyfriend moving on with the girl she hates.

With the kissing out of the way, Erica now thinks that she was meant to go to prom and asks Jake C. The newfound popularity is starting to get to her head as well.

To make their mark, the two host a party that elevates Erica’s popularity when she stands up to Riley. Gia feels neglected by her and finds comfort in Gavin, one of the Afterlifers who can see spirits, and the two kiss.

Erica has completely changed by now and only cares about herself. When Gia tries to talk to her about her problems with Gavin, she does not even listen.

Gia threatens to stop icing her corpse and force her to move to the afterlife if she continues to be like this and when they actually look at the body, Erica is shocked.

Boo, Bitch ending explained in detail:

The true dead girl

To Erica’s suprise, the corpse is actually Gia, not her. She was the dead one this whole time and led Erica to believe that actually, she wasn’t alive.

She did this because she felt Erica would never take a risk again if she realised the first time she did, her best friend ended up dead.

However, Erica doesn’t seem bothered by any of this and her only concern is that Gia lied to her, even when she tells her that she is fading out of existence. Erica wants to prove that she can live without her now.

A video of Erica from before threatens to derail her popularity and she talks to Gia about using her ghost powers to scramble it. Hurt by her still only concerned with herself, Gia leaves. Worried about hurting him when he finds out the truth, Gia breaks up with Gavin and is all alone now.

Erica’s popularity takes a nosedive but not due to the video as Gia scrambled it. It happened because she tried to cancel prom, which eventually did not go down well with everyone at school.

Even Jake C breaks up with her as she is more drama than even Riley and he likes to care about things. Distraught, when she tries to leave in her car, she accidentally hits Devon’s car and gets in trouble because she burnt her driving licence earlier thinking she was a ghost now.

Unfinished business

Grounded, Erica misses Gia and remembers her moments with her. Her parents tell her to make up with Gia, who texted them and told them she won’t be around for a while.

Erica talks to Gavin, who has now realised that Gia is a ghost, about what her unfinished business could be. They realise that she wanted to go to prom, and make Erica go as well, meaning she and Gavin are part of her unfinished business.

Erica goes to prom alone and while not allowed to enter without an invite, Devon gives her his extra one as people started calling him his real name instead of Stinky after she hit her car and the video went viral.

After a while, she finds Gia, who stopped fading the moment Erica arrived at prom and made her way to the occasion as well. She urges her best friend to dance with Gavin as that was her wish and stop worrying about her and put herself first.

Prom queen Gia

The prom king is announced and surprisingly turns out to be Devon, who has become the most popular guy in school suddenly.

Riley is chosen as the prom queen, but her speech is interrupted by Erica, who tells everybody present that while they may hate her for trying to cancel prom, all they need to know about her is that her friend, Gia, died.

She blames them for never noticing a special girl like her but also finds them lucky because they won’t have to miss her as she would.

She makes a request; to revote Gia as the posthumous prom queen. Even Riley hesitantly agrees after listening to her heartfelt speech.

With a huge smile on her face, Gia passes on to the afterlife. Jake C feels he never met the real Erica and asks her to be at the afterparty, and while she initially disagrees, some flickering lights by Gia encourage her.

She goes to the afterparty and has a good time, now a completely changed person thanks to the efforts of her best friend. She starts sharing stories about Gia with Gavin, who misses her as well.

Five months later, in her college dorm, Erica has a picture of her and Gia on her study table. A package arrives for her.

It’s a lava lamp that starts glowing without any power. As Erica lays eyes on it, she says: “I see you, bitch,” knowing that her best friend will always look out for her no matter how.

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