Moon Knight season 1 episode 3 recap & review: The Friendly Type

Episode 3 of Moon Knight puts Marc in the driver’s seat as he explores the city of Cairo in search of Harrow and any leads pointing to Ammit’s tomb.


Layla is seen talking to an older woman as she gets a fake passport made to travel to Egypt. She talks fondly about her father and how he’s responsible for her interest in archaeology and antiques.

Arthur Harrow is deep within the desert where he finally reaches Ammits tomb at which point he is informed that Marc Spector is also in Egypt looking for him.

Marc is running on the rooftops but when he reaches where he’s supposed to, he finds a couple of goons have killed the man he was supposed to question.

He proceeds to fight them but right before the conclusion, Steven takes over and when Marc wakes up again he’s in a cab headed to the airport. He sees the goons again and chases them before he is once again subdued.

This time when he regains consciousness, he is plunging a knife into one of the goons and when he questions Steven, Steven says it wasn’t him either.

With his leads exhausted, Marc and Khonshu try to figure out another way to locate the tomb. Khonsu manipulates the sky and causes an eclipse to gain an audience with the other gods and succeeds.

At the meeting of the Ennead, Khonshu tries to make his case and accuse Harrow, but when Harrow is summoned he manages to convince everyone that Khonshu is the one not to be trusted.

The avatar of Hathor takes pity on Marc and tells him of another way to locate the tomb. The sarcophagus of Senfu was sold on the black market some time ago and within out lies the clue.

While Marc follows up a lead in the city, he runs into Layla who offers to help because she knows the right people. She learns that a rich collector by the name of Mogart has the sarcophagus.

But as soon as they get a chance to inspect it, Harrow arrives and convinces Mogart that Marc and Layla are not to be trusted while also destroying the artefact.

He also gets into Layla’s head by telling her that Marc is hiding something from her and it could be related to her father’s murder. When she asks Marc about it he just sidesteps the question.

Once Harrow leaves, all hell breaks loose and Marc dons the suit as he and Layla fight off Mogart and the rest of the bad guys.

They come out on top and escape with a few shards of cloth that could lead to the tomb’s location. Layla asks Marc to let Steven out because he’d be more helpful in solving the puzzle.

He’s able to produce a star chart but for it to give out a location they need to know what the sky looked like on the night that it was marked. Khonshu says that he can make that happen but only with Steven’s help, and he will be imprisoned as soon as it happens.

They begin manipulating the night sky until it reaches that fateful night and as Layla maps the constellation, the other gods begin a ritual to imprison Khonshu in stone.

Then one of the avatars is seen talking to Harrow and agreeing with him about the threat of Khonshu. When Harrow is alone with the trapped Khonshu, he thanks him for all the pain he put him through.

He claims that Khonshu’s torment led directly to Harrow’s victory.


  • It was good to shift the focus on Marc for this episode. It gave the audience a chance to learn more about this side of him and build an all-around image of the man.
  • The fight scenes in this episode were brilliantly choreographed and looked spectacular. Every time the suit makes an appearance, it shines on screen.
  • Ethan Hawke is excelling as the villainous Arthur Harrow. His delivery is so grave and terrifying and builds up to an exciting final few episodes

Rating: 3/5

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