Moon Knight season 1 episode 2 recap & review: Summon the Suit

Episode 2 of Moon Knight gives a better glimpse of the relationship between Steven Grant and Marc Spector as well their Egyptian benefactor God, Khonshu. The series is streaming on Disney+.


Steven wakes up back in his bead after that business with the jackal at the museum. When he goes back there and sees all the mess, his first thought is to check the security footage.

He’s caught by surprise when the jackal doesn’t appear on camera making him look like a lunatic. He even gets fired from his job for all his trouble.

He decides that his next step will be to investigate the key that he found in his apartment. It leads him to a grave-looking storage unit where he finds the scarab and an American passport belonging to Marc Spector. He even gets to have a proper conversation with his alter ego.

Marc tells him that he is the avatar of the Egyptian god of justice, Khonshu and that they carry out his bidding to mete out justice to those who deserve it. All this is too much for Steven and he runs out of there screaming before running into Layla.

Layla claims that she is Marc’s wife and she expresses her worry over him and confusion about this British persona of his. He repeats that he is not the man that she married, a statement that holds for most marriages.

They are interrupted by a couple of detectives who want to question Steven. Layla escapes out the side window with the scarab in hand. The detectives find Marc’s passport and cuff Steven before taking him in.

On the drive to their location, they look up Marc and find out that he’s an international mercenary with a ruthless streak. They don’t take him to the station, however. He finds himself in an unknown part of town with Marc once again asking for control but Steven denying him.

That’s when Arthur Harrow shows up and welcomes Steven. He now understands the situation better, how Steven and Marc share their body with Khonshu. He warns Steven and Marc that Khonsu is not a reputable god and that he’s speaking from experience because he was the previous avatar.

He then goes on this long spiel about his new saviour, Ammit and how she aims to remove all evil before it happens which is why he wants to resurrect her. Sounds a little suspect if you ask me.

He asks Steven about the scarab but Steven keeps a tight lip before Layla shows up with the scarab. She asks Steven to summon the suit but Steven has no idea what that means.

Enter yet another creepy Egyptian jackal that only Steven can see. During their fight, he manages to summon the suit although it turns out different from the traditional garb of the Moon Knight.

Steven tries to hold his own against the jackal while sprinkling in some disappointing smack talk. After the fight spills onto the streets, Marc asks Steven for control to lessen the risk of innocent bystanders being hurt and Steven gives in.

Marc takes care of the jackal and this time Steven is the one in the reflection, getting a feeling of what it is to be on the inside. They have an argument with each other that leaves them both distressed.

Khonshu reminds Marc of the deal they made and Marc assures him that he will fulfil that deal. Meanwhile, Arthur Harrow gains possession of the scarab bringing him closer to his goal.

The next moment, Marc and Steven find themselves in Egypt, presumably to look for Ammits Tomb before Harrow gets there.


  • The back and forth banter between Marc and Steven is refreshing. The audience is fed the explanation of their situation in bits and pieces allowing for enough time to process the information.
  • The special effects are in line with a Marvel production. The CGI suit and jackal all look very impressive and are only a benefit to the series.
  • Steven is a well-written character who comes across as clumsy and relatable. He blabbers on at times and it’s very hilarious to watch.

Rating: 3.5/5

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