Los Espookys season 2 episode 5 recap & review: El Virus

Los Espookys season 2 episode 5 follows the titular group contending with a new client who’s a veteran actor and wants riddance from her 37-year-old job of humiliating monotony.


Los Espookys ‘El Virus’ opens with Tati being told off by everyone at the female author conference. They tell her she’s just been transcribing other people’s works.

Surprisingly, Tati understands that, and rather quickly too, taking a leave and beginning a new job of creating tracking numbers for DHL.

Renaldo, in his quest to resolve the mystery of Karina, goes to meet the other contestants of the pageant. They all live in one house together.

He asks them if they remember anything about Karina on the day she was crowned but they don’t. They are not of much help except for all the autographs Renaldo got from them.

Andrés is hopping from one place to another in hopes of being a freeloader with a new rich household. However, his parents deny him, and so does Juan Carlos.

Meanwhile, the new client is a veteran actor who’s been stuck in the same sitcom schtick for 37 years. She wants Los Espookys to spook out the makers and get the show cancelled.

Renaldo’s father has been the greatest fan of the show so this case is closer to him; he takes on the case saying he’s going to do it for his father.

They bug the equipment in the production room and relay a warning. In it, Renaldo tells them to cancel the show with the use of special effects and makeup. The Los Espookys succeed and the plan works.

They cancel the show and the client is finally relieved of the network contract that has humiliated her for so many decades.

Andrés doesn’t like that the group did the artistic things without his approval. Úrsula gives him a piece of her mind and scolds him for being so irresponsible and acting like a spoiled brat.

Andrés takes this harsh scolding to heart before calling onto a mystical horse and riding it away into the unknown.

Uncle Tico tries to make a dress for his niece but it’s not up to her liking; she doesn’t say it to him though.

Meanwhile, Ambassador Melanie’s dream comes crashing down when she realizes that she can’t become the US ambassador of Miami — because Miami is in the US.

One of the pageants meets with Renaldo and asks him to tell Karina, whenever he sees her next, that she wants the blue sweater she gave her back.

She also tells her that there’s a rich guy Karina had an affair with and who also warned that he’ll kill her if she lets the secret out.

Los Espookys season 2 episode 5 ends with Renaldo transported back inside Tati’s mindscape and connecting the wires — a metaphor for the connection he’s just made between Karina’s death and Úrsula’s election campaign efforts.


  • A reality check was a long time coming for Andrés and it seems that he’s finally taken some lessons from his constant state of irresponsibility and freeloading.
  • Where has he gone off to, though, is anybody’s guess. It does seem like he’s off to a retreat, wherever it may be, to think it over and give some time for introspection.
  • Uncle Tico continues to be both a subject of pity and of commendation for his hard work and earnestness. However, it’s hard to say where his arc is headed right now.
  • The prime continuity this season involves Renaldo and Úrsula’s arcs. Episode 5 seems to indicate that the conclusion to both their storylines will be arrived at simultaneously.
  • Tati’s mindscape is hilarious and fascinating to look at, and if ‘El virus’ is any indication, this connecting wire metaphor might turn out to be more than just a gag.
  • There’s a brilliant commentary on the US government’s politics and policies regarding the sovereignty of other countries.
  • Los Espookys season 2 episode 5 does a fine job taking a jab at it, with absurdity and hilarity aplenty.
Los Espookys season 2 episode 5
Los Espookys season 2 episode 5 recap & review: El Virus 1

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