Los Espookys season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Las Ruinas

Los Espookys season 2 episode 3 sees Úrsula deciding to assist Mayor Teresa’s bid for president, while Los Espookys help an archaeological professor plant evidence to support his fallacious anthropological thesis.


Episode 3 of the sophomore Los Espookys season starts with Mayor Teresa Lobos announcing her presidential run on a TV show.

Tati clashes with Juan Carlos during the divorce proceedings and ends up a victor by taking a box of cookies and a yo-yo. Úrsula’s desperation for defeating De La Guarda grows more and she goes to Mayor Teresa to tell her she needs a strategy to win the election.

Andrés finds a new gig that he leaves in a second when a rich widower asks him to, taking the easy route and the easy life.

Tico is anxious about not being useful at all and not having anything to do. Renaldo asks him to join Los Espookys, Tico does and is super enthused about it.

The case of the week involves an archaeological professor asking for the crew’s help in planting fake evidence at an excavation site.

He had proposed to his students, a baseless theory about there being a historical and anthropological reason behind queer people wearing dangly earrings on one side.

When contested and asked to provide evidence, professor Robert Roberts enlisted the help of Los Espookys. The crew demands three skeletons and gets on working.

At the archaeological site, the operation is busted when Tico sabotages it with his overt and loud excitement. That and the fact that these skeletal remains had ears and visibly, extremely modern and well-preserved ornaments.

Tico is upset with his own incompetence when Renaldo asks for his help regarding the visions of Nuestra Belleza Latina. Tico suggests he visit Karina’s grave, dig her remains out, and relieve his head of the visions.

Meanwhile, Úrsula decides to help Mayor Lobos herself in winning the election, on one condition — she must get rid of the misogynist signs containing objectifying female silhouettes.


  • Los Espookys season 2 episode 3 continues the spooks and the surreal shenanigans while also touching on some heartstrings.
  • Tico is a pure soul but his purity might be a reason he’s such a self-saboteur. However, he does end up giving his piece of mind to Renaldo, which might do something for his problem if not solve it.
  • Úrsula’s fight against the president continues and it’ll be interesting to see how the vain and aloof Mayor Teresa helps out Úrsula’s fight against misogyny.
Los Espookys season 2 episode 3
Los Espookys season 2 episode 3 recap & review: Las Ruinas 1

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