Los Espookys season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Bibi’s

Episode 2 of Los Espookys’ sophomore season sees Andrés searching for a new place to live as Tati’s marriage deteriorates. Meanwhile, the crew creates a monster named “Bibi’s.


Episode 2 kicks off with Tati hunting coins with a metal detector. Meanwhile, Andrés learns that Renaldo is still seeing Karina in his visions.

Renaldo takes Andrés’ prescribed pills to hit the bed real good so he doesn’t dream at all. He also informs Andrés that his uncle Tico and cousin Sonia would be moving back and he will have to give the bed to the uncle.

Andrés can’t give up the bed so he gives up on staying at Renaldo’s altogether. In his search for a new abode, he arrives at his boyfriend’s house. However, beholding the nightmare that is him co-existing with several other roommates rubs Andrés off the wrong way.

Andrés is off the idea of moving in with his boyfriend, and being in a relationship with him as well, calling it quits in a mutually stoic and surreally unremarkable manner. Later on, he settles for Tati’s room but the spooky vibes there spook even Andrés.

Meanwhile, Los Espookys has been called on by a teacher who wants to set her students straight. Their obsession with a new cartoon monster and the general kid shenanigans don’t sit right with the teacher and she wants to teach them a lesson.

To do that, she enlists the help of Los Espookys, pitching an idea to create a new monster whose arc ends with him defying the teacher and dying as a result of it. Renaldo names the monster “Bibi’s”.

While the crew does the job competently and to completion, Andrés’ parasitic demon quits and heads off to intern for Ambassador Melanie, eventually bagging the opportunity effortlessly.

Meanwhile, Tati’s marriage has been pretty great so far, according to her, and the success of this affair has gone to her head. However, her efforts to be respected by Juan Carlos’s peers and fit in with the lot collapse and her husband calls for a divorce.


  • Los Espookys continues to compel the viewer into a trance while all the surreal and spooky eccentricities within its superfluous narrative transpire.
  • Episode 2 has a great bit where Renaldo opens up to Andrés about his identity and the public perception that his appearance forges, and how that doesn’t sit right with him.
  • Meanwhile, Renaldo continues to see visions of Karina, and it’s going to be fascinating to watch this unravel and understand why the visions keep popping up and what it entails for Renaldo’s future.
  • There’s a great bit involving a flashback of Ursula’s childhood and her pedantry even in those days. The sequence where she argues with the Royal Spanish Academy is hilarious.
Los Espookys season 2 episode 2
Los Espookys season 2 episode 2 recap & review: Bibi's 1

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