Little Women season 1 episode 6 recap & review

New elements come into play in episode 6 of Little Women and as In-kyung is forced to scale back her investigation into Park Jae-sang. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Hyo-rin recounts the day her father left the house at night after a huge fight with her mother. He left in her late grandfather’s car and Hyo-rin was so worried that her parents would not return that she decided to cut herself and was taken to the hospital.

She didn’t actively witness her father kill Hwa-young and refuses to believe that he is a murderer. In-joo looks for the memory card with the dash cam footage of Park Jae-sang but In-hye catches her and says that she hid it.

She says that she doesn’t know Hwa-young and isn’t sure where she saw the scene of a woman’s legs with red heels.

There is chaos at the mayoral debate after In-kyung’s reveal and she even holds up the property documents for all the reporters to get a good look.

In-hye and Hyo-rin hide the memory card in the soil below the orchid tree and In-hye asks her friend how it feels to even consider the thought of her father possibly being a murderer.

Oh Hye-sok sends a message through In-joo that she wants to meet Park Jae-sang. During their meeting, she brings up stories of his childhood and his father. She says that she wants to negotiate peace where her company is allowed to conduct business and she will reign in In-kyung’s investigation.

In-joo confronts Do-il with the information that Park Jae-sang most likely killed Hwa-young. She also asks him about his ex-girlfriend who died under mysterious circumstances. He shows her current pictures of the woman and admits that he helped her start a new life under a new name.

Park Jae-sang goes in front of the media and announces that In-kyung didn’t report all the facts clearly. He says that his father owned a lot more assets that actually belonged to the General and when he found out, he and his wife started their charitable foundation with it.

In-kyung is once again publicly humiliated and In-joo shows up to get her out of there in time. They sit down with their great-aunt who tells them that they need to be very careful about going against Park Jae-sang’s family.

She wants them to exercise caution and live with her for a while. In-joo is receptive to the idea but In-kyung is still stubborn about finding out the truth. She brings up more information she found connecting their great aunt with the General and some illegal land dealings.

Park Jae-sang’s approval rating is through the roof and he tells Ms Go to eliminate In-kyung who has outgrown her usefulness. Ms Go also wants to take care of In-joo but Ms Won and Do-il say that they’ve got it covered.

In-kyung finds someone shredding the old documents from the office and she manages to reassemble an old picture with the date it was taken and ‘Jeongran Society’ written on the back. She also investigates the remaining properties that Park Jae-sang revealed as belonging to his father.

She finds something suspicious and calls Jong-ho for help. They learn that everyone in that picture who was part of the society died early deaths apart from a select few, one of them being her great aunt.

In-hye and Hyo-rin are sitting in the orchid room and In-hye tells Hyo-rin to breathe in the vapours from the flower and focus so that she can find out where she saw the woman in the red heels.

In-joo visits Ms Won who is in the General’s hospital room. Ms Won asks In-joo to go to Singapore for the International Orchid Festival and tells her all about how the operation works over there. In-joo says that she’ll need a lot more convincing to do something dangerous.

Ms Won gives In-joo a blue orchid and tells her to breathe in the vapours to find out what she really wants in life and then come back to her with a decision. Do-il sees In-joo leave the hospital with the flower and follows her home.

When she reaches back, he intercepts her and asks her to give him the flower because things do not end well for people with that flower. In-joo says that she wants to know what her dream is and the flower will help her do that.

She goes to her room and opens the case of the flower to breathe in its vapours. She goes to her great aunt’s office and asks her to tell the truth about Park Jae-sang. In-joo wants to combine the information from her ledgers with what Hye-sok knows to take them down.

She also brings up the Jeongran society and asks her what it is before she begins to feel drowsy as a consequence of the flower. She wakes up from her sleep and goes into a trance upon seeing the fully bloomed flower.

Hyo-rin remembers where she saw the woman in red heels and takes In-hye to a staircase leading to the rooftop. They start walking up when Ms Won stops them and questions what they’re doing in the dark.

In-kyung returns home to find the front door open. She walks on and goes to Hye-seok’s office to find her great aunt on the floor in a pool of blood with In-joo sitting beside her, still not sure where she is.


  • The conspiracy involving Park Jae-sang and his family is getting a bit confusing which is a direct consequence of the pacing and the fact that the episodes are released weekly. The hour-long episodes have been hit and miss from the start with some suffering and some excelling.
  • The way In-hye’s character is being handled is great. She’s getting highly influenced by being around Park Jae-sang and brushing her off her own family which is understandable in the case of a small child.
  • With multiple mysteries going on at the same time, the focus spread a little too thin. The 70 billion won, Park Jae-sang’s murderous connections, the illegal land dealings and now the arrival of the Jeongran society, it all feels a bit overstuffed.
Little Women season 1 episode 6
Little Women season 1 episode 6 recap & review 1

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