Little Women season 1 episode 5 recap & review

In episode 5 of Little Women, the true nature of Park Jae-sang and the rest of his family is explored as In-joo and In-hye look in from the outside. In-kyung continues her investigation into Park Jae-sang. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Choi Do-il explains the situation to In-joo, how Hwa-young bought an apartment and a vintage car in In-joo’s name and lived as her for the last few years in Singapore. She also transferred the 70 billion won she stole into accounts in In-joo’s name before she died.

Do-il tells In-joo that she needs to work closely with Won Sang-ah and earn her trust so that she can accompany her on her next trip to Singapore and access the accounts and she agrees with his plan.

While dropping her home, In-kyung and Jong-ho see them and Jong-ho says that he recognizes Do-il from college and admits that he’s a shady person known for money laundering.

In-kyung tells her older sister to stay away from him but In-joo says she’s only close to him through work and she has no choice but to work with him. She also tells In-kyung that she’ll be working with Mrs Sang-ah and her reasoning is to watch over In-hye who has moved into their house.

In-joo goes to work at Park Jae-sang’s house and is immediately caught off guard by the eccentricities of the people in the house. Mrs Sang-ah decides to go to Singapore for a store opening and asks In-joo to stay at home and take care of the kids.

She gives In-joo a list of medication that is supposed to calm her in case of any trouble. In-joo is watching the documentary on Park Jae-sang on TV when he walks in asking Hyo-rin if she knew that her mother has gone to Singapore.

He then grabs a golf club and smashes the TV in anger. Hyo-rin begins to panic and the reason behind her multiple medications is partially explained. Later that night, In-hye and Hyo-rin sneak into the orchid room and paint while chatting.

Hyo-rin says that her parents fighting is nothing new and she tries to keep her mind distracted. In-hye tells her to paint her deepest darkest fears and that will help her face what she is scared of the most.

Do-il convinces In-joo to trust him and his plan and stick around at Park Jae-sang’s house. In-kyung attends her first day at her Great aunt’s office where she finds out that she’s a director. She begins going through the company’s financial records to keep herself busy.

She asks her Great aunt about her history with Park Jae-sang’s father and checks whether she can have a look at those records. Mrs Sang-ah returns from Singapore on her husband’s request and they get into a big fight.

Won Sang-ah visits her father, the General, who is in a coma and stable in the hospital. In-kyung and Jong-ho visit the address where the blue orchid is supposed to be held. The old man who takes care of the place tells them that he got the orchid from the General and sings his praises.

He shows them around the garden cum school, which teaches about the General’s accomplishments in the Korean War and all the good that he did after coming back. In-kyung notices that her colleague, Jang Ma-ri, is an alumnus of one of the schools built by the General.

In-joo and Sang-ah spend the day together and Sang-ah talks about her superficial life and how it’s all an act put in front of the public. She says that wanted to be an actor but she couldn’t deal with what other people said about her ability so she retired.

Now she acts all the time in her role as Park Jae-sang’s wife. She’s the one who cast him in that role because she believed that he would become President one day and she wanted to be the First Lady.

In-joo buys into Sang-ah’s story but later that night, Do-il tells her that it was all just an act to get In-joo to trust her. She gets a message from In-kyung stating that she has some information about Do-il to share.

She reveals the connection he has to the General and his Wonryeong group, as well as the shady incident he was involved in regarding the death of his ex-girlfriend. In-joo tries her best not to believe in In-kyung’s revelations and give Do-il the benefit of the doubt.

In-joo sees the blue orchid in Jong-ho’s house and tells them that she saw the same flower at other crime scenes. In-kyung is confident that she’s onto something but when she’s informing her boss, he gets a call saying that In-kyung has been fired.

She visits her Great aunt first and asks her if she had something to do with her dismissal as her Great aunt is golfing buddies with the director of the network but her Great aunt denies involvement.

In-kyung is certain that Park Jae-sang had something to do with it and confronts him at a televised debate. She brings up his statement about how his father was poor man and a victim of the Vietnam war and lists out a bunch of properties that were in his name back then and were worth billions of won.

Hyo-rin paints the image of a woman’s legs with red heels as her main fear and doesn’t answer when In-joo asks her where she saw that image. Later that day, In-joo and In-hye find Hyo-rin almost passed out in her father’s car and on her phone, the dashcam footage is playing.

In the video, it shows Park Jae-sang visiting Jin Hwa-young on the day she died.


  • The first season of Little Women is almost at its halfway point and things are starting to heat up. Park Jae-sang finally starting to show some of his true colours is a great moment for the story.
  • In-kyung and In-joo aren’t working together just yet even though they are basically involved in the same case. That is a little frustrating to watch because it’s a bit silly that they haven’t teamed up yet.
  • The comedic moments are placed perfectly and do not draw away from the overall tone of the series which is a mysterious and dramatic one.
  • The score in this episode is especially brilliant. The orchestral music playing at the climax of the episode really heightens the entire experience.
Little Women season 1 episode 5
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