King the Land season 1 episode 11 recap & review

In King the Land season 1 episode 11, Won leads the preparations for the hotel’s 100th-anniversary event, before running it with a couple of surprising choices.


Gu Won and company depart from Thailand and he wraps up the vacation with a last gift — business class seats. Sa-Rang brings gifts for all her colleagues while Gu Won asks Kim Su-Mi and Sang-Sik to prepare gifts for all employees.

Do Ra-Hee raises the target amount again, making it just unrealistic, and when Da-Eul states the obvious she threatens with a termination of one of the junior employees, compelling Da-Eul to accept the target amount.

The captain teases Pyeong-Hwa about failing to bag the promotion while asking her to celebrate Mi-Na’s promotion, soon arranging a dinner but Ro-Woon withdraws, taking Pyeong-Hwa with himself announcing that the two have plans together.

Having dinner together, Pyeong-Hwa asks if he likes her, and he says yes. Pyeong-Hwa tells him she’s sorry and that she can’t accept his feelings, which is no problem for Ro-Woon, who says she can do whatever she wants and he’ll do whatever his heart tells him to.

Gu Won and Sa-Rang sneak out and spend some quality time later on, as the latter asks Won if he’s looked into his mom’s whereabouts when talking to the hotel’s doorman. He says he’s abandoned that quest and Sa-Rang feels sad about it. He later visits her grandmother with a lot of gifts for her and her friends.

The anniversary event arrives and Sang-Sik and Su-Mi co-host it. Gu Won ignores Hwa-Ran’s special invite, Assemblyman Mr. Park, and calls on stage veteran employees of the hotel, including the doorman, the room inspection senior Kim Ok-Ja, who also might know about Won’s mother.

He also calls on the son of a former employee who Il-Hoon knew and was very fond of. Gu Il-Hoon is touched by the event and reminisces about his wife and how she shared his dream once, while Hwa-Ran seethes about what she thinks is a huge blunder regarding the future of the hotel.

Sa-Rang invites Won over, saying they’ll be by themselves, and he abides eagerly. She prepares him food that he loves most dearly. The two later get intimate only to be walked in on by Da-Eul, Pyeong-Hwa, Ro-Woon, and Sang-Sik, as King the Land episode 11 concludes.


  • King the Land episode 11 is another treat filled with clichés but also clichés that feel very heartwarming. Won’s gestures at the anniversary event manage to be very touching, and not just for Gu Il-Hoon.
  • Gu Won and Sa-Rang’s romance continues to be blissful and it only gives rise to more anxiety regarding a potential hitch that sours things for these two love birds.
  • The closing moments of the episode are a blast and the comedy before that works great as well, with Sang-Sik again proving to be quite the natural comic.
King the Land season 1 episode 11
King the Land season 1 episode 11 recap & review 1

Director: Im Hyun-wook

Date Created: 2023-07-22 20:30

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