No Sang-Sik: King the Land character explained

No Sang-Sik is a major supporting character in King the Land, serving as an immediate support system to the mostly lonely and distant Gu Won.

Gu Won is the youngest child of Gu Il-Hoon, the owner of the massive King Group. All his life, he’s been distant and apathetic to his father’s business, showing the least bit of interest he can. However, when he’s called to learn the ropes of the business, he hires one of the meek employees as his own manager.

Over time, this initially meek and subservient employee comes to be a cheeky, confident, and empathetic manager to Gu Won, being able to pull antics with and in front of his employer where others are only scared to even communicate with the seemingly cold and distant heir-in-running.

Friend in an unfriendly world

In the first episode, Gu Won returns from the UK to come start learning the ins and outs as well as the ropes of the business from the bottom up, as per his father’s wishes.

He has to start as a sales intern, which he does with a few others, including No Sang-Sik. With no care or concern about facing any repercussions — because he won’t have to since he’s the chairman’s son —Gu Won lazes about while interning.

However, No Sang-Sik is relentlessly concerned about his new co-worker, telling him how basic stuff works and caring for him in front of his superiors. He says since they’re coworkers, they have to go through the unfriendly world together.

When Gu Won’s identity is revealed to the superiors, everyone is shocked, and the frustrated superiors resume the unfair treatment of Sang-Sik, prompting Gu Won to turn back and ask the fellow intern to come to work with him, which will give him a full-time position, and Sang-Sik accepts.

Daring teaser

No Sang-Sik accompanies Gu Won back to the UK and becomes his full-time manager. Years later, the rich son returns to Korea and Sang-Sik with him.

Gu Won has to try his hand at handling the business again, and this time he decides to take the helm, inspired by his love interest who works at King Hotel, as well as her cruel and cold sister who wants him gone and also to lead the business with her exploitative approach.

No Sang-Sik Gu Won King the Land
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Sang-Sik supports Gu Won and performs his managerial duties with a great flair of a jester. He’s always pulling Gu Won’s leg, even when he’s the employer and not an especially fun guy, at least at the start.

Sang-Sik is a master troll, who’s unafraid and always prepared to tease Gu Won, whether it’s regarding his dating life or something else.

Passionate supporter

He’s not just the class clown, though. Sang-Sik is an incredibly sympathetic and kind individual too, which is made clear abundantly in the very first episode.

When Gu Won, a fellow intern who simply doesn’t care, approaches the superiors and duties at work with his bratty attitude, Sang-Sik grows nervous for him and makes excuses for him, helping him like he’s been his friend moments after they first meet each other.

It is this supportive quality of his that compels Gu Won to hire him as his manager and continues to be a reason why he is always so tolerant of his antics and goofiness. No Sang-Sik has proved to be a close ally to Gu Won and continuously asks him to step up and take the helm of the business.

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