Gossip Girl season 2 finale recap, review & ending explained: What happens to Gossip Girl?

In the finale of the second season of Gossip Girl, Julien unites her friends to uncover Gossip Girl’s identity and put an end to her schemes once and for all. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Obie regrets sending his mother to prison. Meanwhile, Mrs. de Haan insults Monet again when she offers to help her catch Gossip Girl, and Jordan warns an overconfident Kate to be safe, as her luck will eventually run out.

Max blocks Aki and Audrey. When they visit his house, he asks them for time and space, which means the two should also stay away from each other for the time being. Heidi sends a picture of herself with Max to Gossip Girl to bring back the old Max.

Zoya and Julien assure Nick that he will bounce back eventually, but he is not sure about that anymore. Obie confronts Heidi, who is taking over their mother’s position, but she reminds him that the tip, which put their mother in prison, was sent from his phone.

Julien calls all her friends to meet her and asks them to help her take Gossip Girl down. They all agree, except Obie, who warns Kate about the same. Julien also reconciles with Audrey and gives her relationship advice as her best friend.

The group manages to get access to Gossip Girl’s account, but Jordan had already rerouted the account’s information to Julien, preventing them from finding Kate.

Jordan tells Kate that it is time to quit Gossip Girl if she does not want to go to jail, as she is now being targeted by all the powerful people. Kate begrudgingly agrees.

Obie implores Heidi to own up to her mistakes, but she reveals that she never made one. She deliberately chose the wrong site because she knew her mother would take the fall for her, which would allow her to take over her position.

Obie messages Gossip Girl, asking for her help in proving his mother’s innocence. She promises to help him in exchange for getting her account back.

Obie makes sure to hide all traces of their conversation, but Julien still finds out that Obie had been secretly helping Gossip Girl all this time.

Aki and Audrey sleep together and decide to keep this a secret from Max. They, along with everyone else, are told by Julien about Obie being the mole. They make a new plan, but this time, they keep Obie in the dark.

Julien thinks that Gossip Girl is an egoist and that they can draw her out by taking credit for her work. Despite the risk of getting expelled and being the target of everyone at school, Zoya offers to do it.

Gideon takes Zoya as his plus one to the Met Gala. The group decides to post their darkest secrets using Gossip Girl’s account to get her attention. They also post about revealing the identity of the account owner soon.

At the Met Gala, Monet posts that her mother was the real mastermind behind the scandal that was pinned on Nick. Audrey, who was informed by Heidi about Max’s infidelity, posts about Max cheating on Aki and her.

Max apologizes to the two of them, but he does not regret cheating on them because he felt true remorse for the first time in his life. He tells them that he misses them both.

Julien posts from Gossip Girl’s account, claiming that she is trying to outrun the fact that she can afford her lifestyle because she is still living off her father’s dirty money.

Obie approaches Julien and apologizes to her for siding with Gossip Girl. He now understands that his friends and Julien are more important than anything else. He convinces Julien to give him access to the account to post a secret of his own.

Aki and Audrey reveal that they have been sleeping together without Max, and Obie posts about his mother being set up by Heidi. When Heidi confronts him, he uses the account to live stream her confession before being caught.

Audrey’s mother prepares a special dress for Zoya to wear at the time of her big reveal. Zoya gets everyone’s attention by wearing a dress that has the words “I am Gossip Girl” on it.

Gossip Girl season 2 ending explained in detail:

How is Gossip Girl’s identity revealed?

Jordan thinks it is perfect that Zoya has taken the fall because that means Kate is free now, but Julien is upset that her plan failed because Gossip Girl never came forward; her sister will now have to face the consequences.

She meets Obie, who also failed to take his sister down because the company’s lawyers think that they need a ruthless person like her to run the company right now. Obie advises Julien to draw out the real Gossip Girl using money.

Kate reads a post about Zoya being offered a movie by Danny Strong. Kate barges into the meeting and reveals the truth about her being Gossip Girl, as she wants credit for her work.

She is confronted by Zoya, Julien, and Nick for ruining their lives. She does not even get the movie offer that Zoya was getting. She is then arrested for harassment, stalking, and more. Zoya assures her that they will soon forget her, but she has just lost everything.

Do Aki, Audrey, and Max break up?

Audrey and Aki try to apologize to Max. They want to forget everything they have done to hurt each other and move on. However, Max states that this relationship did not work out. He asks them if it is over for all three of them.

Aki and Audrey admit that they do not want to leave each other. A heartbroken Max tells them that he loved them before leaving them.

Two months later, on a vacation with Zoya, Julien, and Obie in Rome, Aki and Audrey tell them that they know that Max went somewhere for the summer and that he did not want them to know where he was going.

No one has heard from Max since that night two months ago. They all assume that he is fine, but Max is seen being thrown out of a shady bar under the influence. He is approached by a mysterious man who offers him help, and Max takes his hand.

Does Luna become a model?

Luna was getting increasingly uninterested in high school drama when her friends were planning to take Gossip Girl down. At the Met Gala, she, along with Julien, was approached by a brand representative, who asked them to reach out in case they are interested in modeling.

Julien is quick to correct the man that Luna is just her stylist, not a model. Luna calls Julien self-obsessed and declares she is done with her.

Luna gets the modeling contract, and she is seen everywhere on billboards in Rome. Julien’s friends ask her if she is mad at Luna for taking her opportunity, but Julien is not upset because she does not think Luna took anything from her.

What happens in Rome?

Zoya, who is now friends with Audrey, wants to find someone. She meets a boy in Rome, who shares the same interests as her. He asks her out, and Zoya agrees to go on a date with him.

Julien tracks down her aunt, Naomi, and she does not tell her friends about it. She promises Obie that she will tell him everything once she has the answers to her questions.

Her aunt is shocked to see her. Julien wants to know why she never wanted to meet her. She also wants to know more about her grandparents and her mother.

Her aunt is the only person who can tell her about her mother, but she warns Julien that there will be no going back once she knows the truth. Julien asks her to meet her the next day because she is ready to know everything.

What happens to Gossip Girl?

Aki’s father calls Jordan to meet him. He knows that Kate did not act alone and that Jordan had something to do with Gossip Girl. He wishes to expand Gossip Girl without Kate because he believes she made it too personal.

He wants to turn Gossip Girl into an app, which would allow teenagers all over the world to spy on each other. He asks Jordan to join him, as Jordan helped Kate with Gossip Girl because he loved her.

He assumes that Jordan loves money as well. He promises Jordan that he will make so much money that he would never need to work again and waits for his reply.


  • The finale was definitely the best episode of the season. This episode had everything that had been missing in the whole season; there were guest appearances, drama, mystery, excitement, and one big reveal after another.
  • The episode brought the whole cast together. It was quite exciting to see them come up with ideas and casually discuss even the wacky ones, which would make the viewers laugh.
  • Gossip Girl is known for creating stylish looks, and it did so in the finale as well. Some of the costumes were great; one could spot the characters in costumes that had been worn by popular celebrities in real life.
  • Furthermore, the costumes also play an important part in defining the characters. For instance, Audrey and Aki’s costumes perfectly complement each other. Max tries to fit in, but he fails, indicating that he has no place in the relationship.
  • The episode successfully made Zoya’s big reveal on the red carpet grand. Even though it was a brief walk, it managed to steal the spotlight, as the writers had intended.
  • The show had been trying to depict Kate walking down the wrong path. Eventually, her hubris leads to her tragic fall, and the scene was made dramatic through her appearance and low lighting; Kate appears in dark makeup and clothes, completing her transformation from a simple teacher to an ambitious antagonist.
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