Gossip Girl season 2 episode 9 recap & review: I Know What You Did Last Summit

The ninth episode of the second season of Gossip Girl sees Julien trying to uncover Gossip Girl’s identity by any means necessary, but not without hurting her friends. The episode is now streaming on HBO Max.


Max ends up confessing his love to Audrey and Aki, who fail to do the same. Nick is planning to quit his job and start his own firm, as he has paid his dues with the de Haans.

Monet admits to her parents that she was defeated by Gossip Girl, while her mother is happy that she is no longer in the spotlight; she can now give all her attention to her studies.

Max shares his troubles with Luna, who advises him to be honest with his partners. Zoya refuses to help Julien take Gossip Girl down because she cannot afford to be her target when her father is planning to start his own firm.

Luna tells Julien about Max’s problem and asks her to keep it to herself. She also refuses to help Julien in her war against Gossip Girl.

Heidi tells Obie that she was the one who paid someone to attack him, film it, and send it to Gossip Girl to get their mother to come to the US. Her plan works, and their mother comes to take care of Obie.

Mr. de Haan warns Gossip Girl not to post again. If she does, he will put a million-dollar bounty on her. Due to this, Kate cannot post the evidence that Obie gave her against his mother.

Max confesses his feelings to his partners honestly, and they fail to do the same again. Aki discusses this with Obie, who advises him to come clean to his partners about Ingrid kissing him, and then he will be able to return Max’s feelings.

Heidi tries to flirt with an upset Max, but he pushes her away, stating that he will not cheat on his partners. Julien sends Aki and Audrey flowers from Max, inviting them to a hotel.

Kate visits Mrs. de Haan under the pretense of discussing Monet’s grades. She offers to tutor her and gets herself an invitation to a summit where all the billionaires will gather.

Aki and Audrey reach the hotel and find Ingrid, who claims she was invited by Aki, in the room. When a hotel staff member enters the room and snaps a picture of the three of them together, Aki finds out that it was Julien’s doing.

Mrs. de Haan convinces Gossip Girl to come to the summit as her guest. She promises to give her sensitive documents that can be used against her husband. Gossip Girl can then get him to retract the bounty.

Jordan, who had offered to help Kate hide her secret identity for a month, must teach her to hide her digital footprints at the summit.

Julien’s friends confront her about using all of them for her personal vendetta against Gossip Girl, including Luna and Zoya, who trusted her with Aki and Max’s secrets. Monet blames her for not noticing how Gossip Girl has been ruining her life but offers to help her.

Nick and Zoya are invited to the summit because Nick needs to do one last task for the de Haans. Obie comes to the summit to convince Aki’s dad to not run the story about the bounty on Gossip Girl. Audrey and Aki bring Max to the summit as a romantic gesture.

Monet, who has invited Julien, plans to make her eavesdrop on her mother’s conversation with Gossip Girl. When Monet tells Kate about this, Kate tries to get Julien thrown out by security.

Mrs. de Haan tells Kate, who talks to her as Gossip Girl, that the documents are with a trusted employee, which makes Kate believe that they are in Nick’s possession. She steals the documents from Nick’s bag and calls off the deal with Mrs. de Haan.

Zoya tells Julien that at this point, she is the only one willing to put up with her, while Aki tells her that she is just like Gossip Girl and that this war of hers against Gossip Girl is just her way of hiding how she has treated her friends all her life.

Aki and Audrey defend Max and their relationship in front of Aki’s father, but their efforts amount to nothing when Gossip Girl posts about Aki cheating. Max feels that he has been left out by his partners again and that they only want him physically.

Gossip Girl reveals that Mr. de Haan has been trying to prevent his employees from unionizing, but Mr. de Haan shifts the blame on Nick, destroying his career. Mr. de Haan had started planning this with his wife when he found out that Nick was going to start his own firm.

Kate, as Gossip Girl, confronts Mrs. de Haan about taking advantage of her. Mrs. de Haan warns her that she knows Gossip Girl was one of the 100 people who were invited to the summit, and soon, she will find her.

Gossip Girl also reveals Obie’s mother’s crimes. When the FBI is on their way to arrest her, she tells Obie that she is taking the fall for Heidi’s crimes because she wants to protect her children, and Obie realizes that Heidi used him to protect herself.

Max runs into Heidi again, but this time, he flirts with her and invites her to go home with him. Julien is ready to give up on fighting Gossip Girl. She apologizes to Zoya, but Zoya wants to put an end to Gossip Girl.


  • In this episode, Julien did the same thing that she did in the last episode. Her character never develops; she repeats the exact same mistakes in every episode. She disappoints her friends and loses their support, and somehow, she still never learns.
  • The writers gave Aki’s story a spin in the last episode and completely abandoned it in this one. Suddenly, Max starts feeling what Aki was feeling in the last episode, and Aki conveniently forgets everything that made him feel left out and unimportant previously.
  • The de Haans’ scheme and Obie discovering his sister’s involvement in the Jakarta case were the only interesting plot points in this episode that showcased originality.
  • This episode hinted that Zoya might play an important role in the season finale, and perhaps in figuring out Gossip Girl’s identity. Additionally, Jordan and Kate’s new relationship might not last long.
Gossip Girl season 2 episode 9
Gossip Girl season 2 episode 9 recap & review: I Know What You Did Last Summit 1

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