Goosebumps season 1 episode 8 recap & review: You Can’t Scare Me

In episode 8 of Goosebumps, Harold Biddle is finally reunited with Slappy after a chase in the snowy mountains. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


Nathan and Harold continue to fight for control of Nathan’s body as the kids fall through the pages of the scrapbook. Nathan succeeds in pulling the book out of the puddle and draws an exit.

As they’re leaving, they see Harold’s parents who tell them that they refuse to move on without Harold. They also ask the children to tell Harold that they forgive him.

Harold regains control of the body and continues chasing after Nora who is closer to her cabin in the mountains. An officer stops by to tell her that there is a heavy storm incoming which means it will be unsafe to travel.

He notices the duffel bag and asks to see what’s inside, so Nora reveals the pieces of Slappy’s body. After he leaves, Slappy speaks up and reveals that he’s still alive.

Harold tries to follow Nora but he’s stopped along the road by the police who say that it is unsafe to drive there. He goes back a bit and sets out on foot.

While they were falling through the book, Isaiah almost said something to Margot but chose not to. She texts him in the car asking about it but he dodges the question. He asks her about her relationship with Lucas and she says that it is unclear.

Nora maps out a route in the mountains and plans to drop off Slappy’s parts all over so that no one will ever find him again. Nathan reaches the cabin and chases after her.

The kids come across Nathan’s car and Lucas chooses to go into the forest to save his mother. Margot doesn’t want him to go alone, and Isaiah is worried about Margot so the three of them go in while James and Isabella wait behind.

James tells Isabella that even though Margot and Isaiah have such a close relationship, they will never work together so she can pursue him if she wants.

After a game of cat and mouse, Harold finally catches up to Nora and gets his hands on Slappy, while Nora is knocked unconscious. While they’re looking for her, Isaiah falls over the edge of a cliff and holds onto a branch.

Margot and Lucas only notice that he’s missing a while later and while they’re looking for him, they come across Nora. The other parents show up and James and Isabella give them a quick update on everything that is going on.

Isaiah tries to pull himself back up but Slappy and Harold are waiting for him. Harold is about to kill Isaiah but Lucas stops him. Nora tries to talk some sense into him just as the other parents and kids show up.

Margot talks about his parents and Sarah and Nora appeal to the nice part of Harold. He finally has a change of heart and pulls Isaiah up. He then grabs Slappy and throws him off the cliff.

Harold’s spirit leaves Nathan and then has one last goodbye with the others before he moves on with his parents. Nora and the other parents look over the edge, grateful that they are done with this ordeal.

However, a close look at Slappy shows that he’s still alive at the bottom of the cliff.


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