Goosebumps season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Give Yourself Goosebumps

In episode 7 of Goosebumps, the parents finally realize that Nora might be right, while the kids have to figure out a way to escape from Harold Biddle. The episode is streaming on Disney+.


After revealing himself to be Harold Biddle, he disappears and leaves the kids behind in his house. They make a break for it but when they open the front door, all they see is a black empty void.

They realize that Harold has trapped them in the scrapbook. He uses their phones to send messages to their parents and allay any suspicions that they might be in trouble.

Nora has been behaving herself and Victoria tells her that she cannot hold her in the psych ward anymore. Nora leaves and runs into Harold outside. He tells Nora that he wants Slappy back and she runs away from him.

She goes back to her shed where the pieces of Slappy remain and packs it up. Colin shows up and asks her what is going on but she tells him that this is her secret and she cannot afford to reveal it just yet.

The kids look for any other way to escape but have no luck. They begin arguing with each other when they are interrupted by a noise so they pick up random items to defend themselves.

The real Mr. Bratt walks in and they are all shocked to see each other. He tries to convince them that he’s the real Nathan and that he was possessed by Harold the night of the party.

Harold is following Nora so that he can finally get his hands on Slappy and be reunited with his best friend. Colin visits Ben to see if he can insight into Nora because he’s having trouble getting her to open up.

When he mentions that he saw something that looked like a doll with Nora, Ben gets tense and immediately leaves. The kids look to Nathan for some inspirational words so that they can come up with a way to escape.

He does his best but doesn’t exactly inspire confidence until Isabella notices a glowing light outside the front door. They open it and see another room in the far-off distance below.

Isabella says she can make it down there and after some deliberation, the decision is made that she will go. Isaiah is apprehensive and doesn’t want to see her in danger, but he agrees with the majority.

They tie up all of the drapes together and Isabella wraps one end around her waist. They settle on a signal to convey whether she is safe or in trouble and she is slowly lowered down to the other room.

She is lowered down into a school hallway and she sees an open locker that belonged to Harold. She finds herself on stage in front of an entire audience of people who have been turned into dolls.

Harold is driving with the scrapbook in the passenger seat when he rips off a page to get rid of some gum. That causes the place where Isabella is to vanish and she runs back to the drapes so that she can be pulled back up.

While everyone is pulling, Nathan is knocked against the wall and finds himself back in his body. When he looks into the rearview mirror, he sees Harold and is shocked back into the scrapbook.

Ben and Eliza head to the mine so that Ben can confirm that Nora has the doll. While he’s in the mine, he runs into one of James’ duplicates who leaves him stranded there.

He heads out to the car where Eliza is waiting and he threatens to attack her. Ben arrives just in time after finding another way out and he tackles James. While James restrains Ben, Eliza grabs a plank and destroys the duplicate by knocking on his head.

They conclude that Nora is definitely telling the truth. Nathan tells the kids that pain sends him back to his body so Isabella punches him in the face. He looks around for a bit before seeing Harold again and getting shocked back.

He doesn’t want to keep getting hit in the face but they do it again and this time he sees Nora leaving a gas station in the middle of the woods. Lucas says that it is close to their cabin up there and punches Nathan once again so that he can save them.

He tries to grab the scrapbook and write a way for them to escape, but Harold fights for control and throws the book out the window into a puddle. The pages begin to dissolve, and the kids notice water dropping from the ceiling before they all disappear.


  • The younger group of kids have great chemistry together and are performing brilliantly. They are aided well by Justin Long in this episode, who continues to be delightfully eccentric.
  • If you allow yourself a smidge of common sense for just a moment, you’ll realize how poor the parents must be at their primary responsibilities as none of them realized that their children were missing or knew them well enough to notice their texts were off.
  • The series has captured the essential vibe of Goosebumps perfectly with just the right intensity of horror and comedy. At the end of the day, it is targeted towards adolescents but it has enough quality to be enjoyed by all ages.
Goosebumps season 1 episode 7
Goosebumps season 1 episode 7 recap & review: Give Yourself Goosebumps 1

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