Forecasting Love and Weather episode 9 recap & review: Dry Changma (Rainy Season)

‘Dry Changma (Rainy Season)’, the ninth episode of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is now streaming on Netflix. It centres on Si-woo and Ki-jun’s romance when they go camping.


At a restaurant, a man proposes to his girlfriend. Ha-Kyung and Si-woo are at a restaurant together as the rainy season approaches. Ki-jun reveals everything to Yu-jin, who is taken aback by the news. Yu-jin refers to their relationship as “nonsense”.

Ki-jun believes Si-woo is dating Ha-Kyung to retaliate against him. Yu-jin refers to him as an Oppa and states that he would never do such a thing. Ki-jun becomes even more enraged when he hears this.

Si-woo and Ha-Kyung talk about their weekend plans after their dinner date. They talk about what they can do together, from scary flicks to lengthy drives. She agrees to all he asks of her.

Si-woo inquires as to why she continues to say yes to everything. He is adamant that they do something fun this weekend. Rain is forecast to fall heavily in the city.

Ki-jun asks Ha-kyung if she’s dating Si-woo at work. He claims he spotted the two kissing and she attempts to conceal. The two got into a heated debate.

Ki-jun expresses concern for her safety, claiming that men like Si-woo are jerks. However, his deception does not succeed on her. They continue to quarrel until she urges him to go.

Later, Ha-Kyung informs Si-woo about Ki-jun’s remarks. They talk about what they can do tomorrow and determine that they won’t be able to undertake any outside activities.

When Ha-Kyung returns home, her family brings up the subject of her marriage once more. It irritates her and she instructs them to refrain from bringing it up again and again. Ki-jun and Yu-jin had a minor disagreement about money at home.

Si-woo texts Ha-Kyung late at night if anything happens at home. If she’s weary, he offers they can just hang out the next day. Si-woo and Ha-Kyung leave in the same automobile the next morning, and Ki-jun decides to keep an eye on them by following their car.

Yu-jin is waiting for Ki-jun and is perplexed as to why he has not returned her calls or messages. Si-woo and Ha-Kyung spend the night in a campground together.

While the couple enjoys their time together, the city waits for rain. Si-woo forgets to bring meat to the camp, while his co-workers keep track of the weather. Si-woo is disappointed that he forgot but Ha-Kyung assures him that kimchi would suffice.

Si-woo records her as she makes wonderful kimchi. Yu-jin is enraged when Ki-jun arrives home since he missed his mother’s birthday celebration.

Yu-jin and Ki-jun are at odds again, this time over Si-woo and Ha-Kyung. Yu-jin asks Ki-jun whether he has considered what people would think if he continues to act in this manner. She claims that they still have a lot of difficulties to work through. Yu-jin inquires if he is envious of the two’s date.

The next day at work, the mood is tight. They’re all debating why it hasn’t rained yet. The rains are expected to arrive early in the week. They decide to convey extensive information to the media regarding the reason for the rain delay. They also decide to keep an eye on the issue.

In their weather report, Si-woo advises adopting the phrase ‘Dry Changma’. Ki-jun, on the other hand, disagrees with him. At work, the two have a verbal sparring match. Si-woo and Ki-jun must work together to analyse and devise a strategy for sharing the news that rain in Jeju has been postponed.

They get off to a rocky start but finally come together to give the data reasoning necessary. They end up chatting about Ha-Kyung again in the end. Ki-jun claims that if she is harmed again, she would not be able to heal.

Si-woo mocks him, claiming that he wasn’t the one who injured her first. He claims that he doesn’t do anything unless he is passionate about them, implying that he is serious about Ha-Kyung.

Si-woo informs Ha-Kyung and his colleague later that he wants to improve the weather report. He clarifies what can be said and how it can be done. Ha-Kyung presents the weather data to the journalists during the briefing. We observe the equations of these four individuals steadily altering via some silent and profound situations.


  • Si-woo and Ha-kyung shared some beautiful moments in the latest episode. The leads’ connection is electric and one of the most instinctual behaviors in their chemistry that grabbed up attention was Song Kang’s confidence and acting thus far is tugging hard on Park Min Young, and both are giving frigid blazers to each other.
  • The plot and screenplay are all excellent. The plot weighed in on the characters and gave us a sense of what they were up to, which is commendable.

Rating 3.5/5

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