Forecasting Love and Weather episode 6 recap & review: Heat Island Phenomenon

‘Heat Island Phenomenon’, the sixth episode of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather,’ a romantic drama set in the National Weather Service’s headquarters about work and love, has been released on Netflix. It revolves around Si-woo and Ha-kyung dealing with their own family issues, while Yu-jin reconsiders her decision not to register her marriage to Han Ki-jun.


Si-woo explains that his reason for being at the motel is a ‘long story’, but he soon grows envious, wondering why Ha-kyung was there with Dong-han. The lady with Si-woo then reappears and chats to him once again, creating discomfort and tension.

Si-woo’s situation worsens when he is ordered to leave the training centre because a new trainee requires his room. Then, he meets Ha-kyung, who encourages him to re-examine their relationship. It’s evident that both characters are dealing with trauma and are having difficulty dealing with it.

Si-woo refuses to break their connection by admitting that he met his father at the hotel. Si-woo has been transferring money to his father Lee Myung-han without his will. He was on his way out when he ran across Ha-kyung, who had seen his father gambling in a hotel.

The next day, Ha-kyung discovers that this is correct when Si-woo’s father approaches the Meteorological Administration and demands money.

Ha-kyung becomes ill and is admitted to the hospital. When Si-woo hears of this, he informs Ha-kyung that her mother is in the hospital. The sister then phones Ha-kyung and tells her how critical the situation is.

Ha-kyung believes she is unable to quit work, and her sister is incensed. Dong-han offers to assist her with her work but only if she looks after her mother.

Ha-kyung discovers that her mother was very dehydrated, with the heatwave being the most likely cause. The doctor advises her to take careful care of her mother. Si-woo, who plainly cares, keeps a close eye on Ha-kyung to check whether she’s okay.

Si-woo then gives his father his whole funds, but is surprised to discover that his father has paid a visit to Ha-kyung. The lengths to which his father is willing to go astounds him.

Si-woo ultimately catches up with Ha-kyung and expresses regret for his father’s actions. Surprisingly, Ha-kyung seems compassionate and inquiries about his appetite.

Ha-kyung’s youth is seen in flashbacks; one day, she returned home to find that her father had committed suicide due to the stress of a failed company. In the present, she tells Si-woo about the incident and then asks him a question. She wants him to pledge that if he quits loving her, she would be the first to know. In another unexpected twist in the tale, she asks Si-woo whether they may live together after he promises her that.

Ki-jun, on the other hand, has been dealt a severe setback. Yu-jin informs him that she wants to postpone the registration of their marriage.


  • As the series proves to be a great and well-told drama, Episode six, ‘Heat Island Phenomenon’, features additional twists and turns and is the most informative episode of the series so far.
  • Song Kang and Park Min-energy young’s complement each other beautifully. However, it is simply too much as the introduction of a new character to shake things up feels forced.
  • This episode shows the protagonists’ struggle and the motivating factor behind their decisions is fascinating to watch, how unmanaged previous events may impact a person’s present and future.

Rating 3/5

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