Forecasting Love and Weather season 1 episode 2 recap & review: Sensible Temperature

‘Forecasting Love and Weather,’ a romantic drama set in the National Weather Service’s headquarters about work and love, has released its second episode on Netflix.


After witnessing Ki-Jun cheat on him, Ha-Kyung leaves her residence. She curses her ex-fiance and cancels their wedding plans.

In the present, Ki-Jun advises Ha-Kyung to be civilised because they still have to work together. She, on the other hand, is less than enthusiastic about his behaviour which is exacerbated when his new mistress calls and pushes him to return home.

The apartment is the source of conflict here, as is who owns it. Ha-Kyung’s mother encourages her daughter to hold firm stating that this is hers and that she must fight to maintain it.

Despite being an employee, Si-Woo is stopped at the front entrance in the morning. He’s misplaced his ID and the photo on file depicts him in a different light than he is today.

Si-Woo makes it into the building thanks to Ha-Kyung’s influence. He’s been assigned to her team and for the next two weeks, he’ll be working with Ha-Kyung. She even attempts to persuade Bong-Chan to reconsider his decision. He is certain, though, that Ha-Kyung would accept the position in Switzerland. She has one week to make up her mind.

The problem is, Ki-Jun and his new mistress, who also happens to work at the station, are exacerbating the issue. Yu-Jin Chae, the reporter who broke up with Si-Woo, happened to be there by chance.

Ha-Kyung puts her heart and her into her profession, but the environment is unfriendly, to say the least. Because Senior Forecaster Um is also on their team, the other employees speculate that they will be separated shortly, with Ha-Kyung departing for Switzerland.

At work, Ki-Jun continues to flirt with his mistress, and he even follows Ha-Kyung around the apartment. She, on the other hand, bites back and insists that he return the stuff he’s taken, particularly the TV, which she paid half for.

Si-Woo quickly discovers how intertwined the four of them are and tells Ha-Kyung about it at work. They have no qualms about labelling Ki-Jun a loser. Si-Woo also warns Ha-Kyung against taking the Switzerland job only to avoid Ki-Jun.

Ha-Kyung returns home to discover all of her belongings packed away, including the TV and rice cooker. As a result, she photographs them and chooses to sell them online. However, it turns out that the serial number on the TV belongs to someone from another country and the money she wired Ki-Jun was far more than the TV is worth.

Ki-Jun’s next move, though, is the true frosting on the cake. He gives Ha-Kyung’s mother a Certificate of Contents in the hopes of forcing them to share the flat. Ha-Kyung is incensed.

After hitting Ki-Jun in the corridor, Ha-Kyung turns things around and pretends he was the victim. He makes a point of how controlling she was and even mentions how they did the wallpaper together on their day off. But she had to go to work and left him to handle everything.

When Ki-Jun finishes his outburst, Ha-Kyung retaliates with a venomous vengeance. He’s left with 7% of the sale after subtracting his 5 million won deposit and the money he cheated her out of with the TV.

With everyone there hearing on, Ha-Kyung advises him to go to Geneva instead, rushing into Bong-Chan’s office and ultimately declining the Switzerland job.

Si-Woo and Ha-Kyung go out for a drink together as a result of this, bemoaning all of Ki-Jun’s defects.

Unfortunately, the two end up drinking excessively, resulting in them both waking up nude in bed together the next morning. Ha-Kyung tries to brush off what happened as a blunder, saying that they should be mature and move on.

Si-Woo has been assigned a permanent position on Team Two, so they’ll be working together from now on.


  • Following a tragic first episode, Forecasting Love and Weather begins to take on a more comic and romantic tone. In the framework of the story, this works nicely, balancing out the more emotional scenes between Ki-Jun and Ha-Kyung.
  • This episode features a chemistry-filled tale that includes spectacular break-up drama and the spark of a new romance. It has exactly the proper amount of wit and warmth, and it leaves us wanting more.

Rating 3.5/5

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