Forecasting Love and Weather season 1 episode 1 recap & review: Signal

‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ has come out with the first episode on Netflix. It is a romantic drama, set at the National Weather Service’s headquarters, about work and love.


Ha-kyung tries to catch up with Ki-jun, who informs her that she would not be able to accompany her to the hanbok store. Ki-jun is said to be marrying Ha-kyung, but her mother is adamantly opposed to their union. The fact that they don’t argue at all, according to her, is a huge red sign. Ha-kyung’s connection with Ki-jun is frigid, while her family claims it’s because she’s overly careful.

Si-woo, on the other hand, picks up Yoo-jin and brings her to lunch. Si-woo appears to be a charming airhead with his heart in the right place. Regrettably, his relationship with Yoo-jin appears to be on the rocks as well.

Despite his enthusiasm for his new automobile and the promise of having fun with her, she appears uninterested. Unfortunately, as one of Ha-kyung’s coworkers had anticipated, hail begins to fall, causing massive havoc.

Ha-kyung and the entire staff bear the brunt of the criticism for their inability to anticipate the weather, despite her supervisor accepting responsibility. In any case, Ha-kyung feels bad, especially after Dong-han reminds her that he warned her they should report the possibility of hail.

Director Choi gets a heart attack in the midst of all the tension. In Director Choi’s absence, Ha-kyung is forced to fill in as interim director.

The next day, as everyone is at work, Si-woo checks the weather machines and notices that the ground temperatures are unusually high. Everyone is irritated with Si-woo for whatever reason and they are disrespectful to him.

Anyway, he realises that there will be a lot of rain and has a fascinating conversation about whether it will rain or not and it’s up to Ha-kyung to make the choice.

When it comes to the fact that Ha-kyung was aware of the hail but failed to inform Choi, her boss is embarrassed. He informs her that she shouldn’t have made the decision and that she should have reported it.

In any case, Ha-kyung yells at Si-woo, who irritates her. Lee Si-woo calls Jin Ha-kyung and gives her a lecture on professionalism, claiming that her wedding preparations are interfering with her employment. Si-woo is confronted face to face by Ha-kyung, who chastises him for the way he spoke to her.

Si-woo, on the other hand, stands his ground and promises her it will rain; his grin softens her slightly. Then it happens, a torrential rain.

Lee Si-woo is rebellious and requests a colleague to issue a special notice from The Metropolitan Office reporting the severe rain. Ha-kyung is alarmed to learn of The Metropolitan Office’s special advisory but the colleague who sent it points out that she, too, missed the hail. In the weather station, tension starts running high. Everyone seems to be at a loss on what to do.

Jin Ha-kyung is given a personal blow when she finds that her wedding has been cancelled without her knowledge. She calls her fiance, Ki-jun, in disbelief, but his phone is switched off. She rushes to his apartment, stunned, to discover him in bed with his mistress and that her fiance, now ex, was having an affair.

Lee Si-woo also experiences heartbreak when his girlfriend breaks up with him when they are spending time together. Jin Ha-kyung suffers further personal and professional setbacks.

After discovering that Director Choi has resigned due to a heart attack, she is set to receive a promotion. The next day, she learns that her ex-fiance was convinced to stay at work by the weather station administrator and that he will be taking over as director. Her promotion to director has been revoked. Her employer suggests she accept a higher-ranking WMO post for dispatch training, but that would need a year in Switzerland.

When Jin Ha-kyung returns home, she discovers that her television has vanished. When she calls her ex-fiance, he confirms that he has taken a few items from their apartment. She confronts him and is enraged because he has taken half of their belongings.

Surprisingly, he offers to take the apartment off her hands to “ease the burden” and demands a half-half alimony split. Ha-kyung realises she’s dealing with an idiot at this point.


  • Sometimes all a drama needs to keep a notion alive is a nice story. One of them appears to be forecasting love and weather. In Episode 1, the plot is intense.
  • The Korean romance-drama, starring Song Kang and Park Min Young, has just the right balance and while it appeared a bit unsure of itself at first, it should establish its intended equilibrium after some trial and error.
  • The narrative of Jin Ha-kyung, an intellectual and well-organized person and Lee Si-woo, a free spirit, will undoubtedly develop but that isn’t the point. The conception of Forecasting Love and Weather is a pretext for bringing two likeable stars together for a fun weekday romance.

Rating 3.5/5

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