Forecasting Love and Weather episode 10 recap & review: Tropical Night

The tenth episode of ‘Forecasting Love and Weather’ is now streaming on Netflix titled ‘Tropical Night’. It focuses on the relationship between Si-woo and Ki-jun as they ponder marriage.


Si-woo dials Ha-Kyung’s number, informing her that her mother is present at the apartment. The mother is understandably concerned that a couple of males live in her daughter’s flat. Si-woo is taking advantage of this opportunity to get to know Ha-Kyung’s mother, which is lovely.

Meanwhile, Ki-jun goes home upset because Yu-jin got his mother a nice handbag for her birthday, but he mistook it for her and assumed she was squandering her money.

Ha-Kyung is perplexed to hear that Si-woo has no desire for marriage in his life. Si-woo admits that he does not want to marry since his family is a burden to him.

Even though this issue affects Ha-Kyung, she is unfazed by it. At work, Ha-Kyung asks Ki-jun for an open and honest assessment of married life, and he recounts the difficulties he experiences.

Si-woo also tells Yu-jin how she felt when he said he didn’t want to marry her. Of course, he discovers that this was the source of their relationship’s demise.

The personnel at the weather station are still dealing with heatwaves and processing data to provide reliable reports. The data was displayed on the public information portal, but there was an error in the system.

Suddenly, there is a heat spike alert, which has prompted fear. A nosy reporter is snooping about the weather station for a scoop, and the information portal has caught his eye.

Ha-Kyung’s mother advises him to marry and start a family. Si-woo stands up for Ha-Kyung and advises the mother not to force her daughter to do anything she doesn’t want to do.

Then, in an unexpected turn of events, Ha-Kyung tells her mother that she does not want to marry which has upset her mother.

After that pesky reporter reported on the incorrect data provided on the portal information site, the Chief Director is irritated that they are getting poor news again.

Ki-jun suspects Yu-jin of being involved, but she says she was not, and she is irritated that he doesn’t trust her. Yu-jin packs her belongings and requests a break at the end of the episode.

The Chief Director puts pressure on Ha-Kyung to make certain adjustments; she needs to enhance the team’s performance. She begs Si-woo to accompany her to Jeju Island during typhoon season. Si-woo is taken aback, realising that this is just another major stumbling block in their relationship.


  • Forecasting Love and Weather episode 10 ‘Tropical Night’ delves deep into the topic of workplace romance leading to marriage and marriages ending in divorce. Si-woo has been thinking about Ha-kyung’s shifting posture, while Yu-jin and Ki-jun’s lives are as turbulent as ever.
  • With each episode, the fissures in their relationship become bigger. This episode’s ferocity creates a lot of excitement for what’s to come in the next one. Forecasting Love and Weather continues to deliver on this week’s episode with a terrific balance of humour and drama.

Rating 3.5/5

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