Doctor Cha season 1 episode 6 recap & review

In Doctor Cha episode 6, Jeong-Suk faces the ire of her husband while Dr. Roy befriends her.


In-Ho and Seung-Hi are fuming again after Jeong-Suk is prevented from quitting her residency. At the residenct disciplinary committee meeting, In-Ho tries to paint Jeong-Suk’s mishandling of Jang Hae-Nam as a much worse issue, hoping it’d get her removed from the residency.

Jeong-Suk clarifies her faults while also staying truthful and comprehensive about what transpired. Dr. Roy argues in favor of a much kinder judgment. The director, taking into account how Jeong-Suk has earned the hospital two new machines and stands to get them 10 billion won from Chairman Oh, goes with a less harsh punishment, which is to reduce her payment for the next three months.

In-Ho is upset and spends all his time humiliating Jeong-Suk, refusing to let her participate in any checkup and preventing her from operating on patients. Meanwhile, Jeong-Suk meets Jang Nam-Hae and learns about her daughter from her. The patient’s been allowed a stay for execution but since she has no one to go to, Jeong-Suk tracks down her daughter.

Jeong-Suk meets her daughter, who’s a doctor herself. She eventually reveals that the crime her mother got the punishment for was in fact committed by her. It was she who poisoned her abusive father when her mother couldn’t. The next day, she goes to meet her mother and the two have an emotional reunion.

Meanwhile, Dr. Roy befriends Jeong-Suk, and even goes on a marathon run with her. She brings Mi-Hee with her, after she earlier met Dr. Roy and asked Jeong-Suk to set her up with him. However, Roy isn’t interested in her, that much even she can see, also noticing how he seems interested in Jeong-Suk.

Seung-Hi visits her father’s wake with her daughter Eun-Seo. When her estranged brother berates her, Eun-Seo takes a stand for herself and her mother, and later they seem to be improving upon their relationship’s health. This also leads to Seung-Hi proudly show her daughter to Jeong-Suk, who’s a little shaken up by this since she knows Eun-Seo’s friends with I-Rang.

As she runs to her home, distressed and adding up all the signs and hints Eun-Seo earlier gave her regarding a possible affair between In-Ho and Seung-Hi, she runs into Dr. Roy, who holds her and demands attention, telling her he’s got something important to say to her that can’t wait any longer.

Before all this transpires, however, both Dr. Roy and Dr. Jeon happen to catch Seung-Hi and In-Ho on a date together. Dr. Roy spots the two more than once, in fact, leading to him warning In-Ho later about it. In-Ho asks him to mind his own business, and it’s because he gets so frustrated at this that he starts mistreating Jeong-Suk so much.

Meanwhile, he’s also suffering from a host of ageing signs and symptoms. He’s using Finasteride for his bald spot, which is giving him erection issues which is also why he can’t be intimate with Seung-Hi. She finds it cute, though, that he’s so distressed about it. Furthermore, he also suffers from a frozen shoulder and later, even tries acupuncture to cure it.

He also receives a call from I-Rang’s homeroom teacher about her college admissions and gets enraged upon hearing that she strives to apply for art colleges. He later goes to her room and destroys any and all equipment and supplies related to art. Meanwhile, before Dr. Roy can finish what he wants to say to Jeong-Suk, Doctor Cha episode 6 rolls the credits.


  • Doctor Cha episode 6 is a delight in its funny moments and a gut-punch in the sadder ones.
  • The I-Rang problem is really shaping up to be a huge concern that Jeong-Suk hasn’t fully taken into account yet, and with Eun-Seo’s relation to her father inevitably being revealed might prove to be too much for her.
  • Meanwhile, Seung-Hi’s overt confidence and borderline eagerness to reveal her relationship with In-Ho has Jeong-Suk gasping for air, but before she can address this affair problem, she has Dr. Roy to contend with, who’s at this point seems to be just heading for an out-and-out love confession.
  • There are some great moments in Doctor Cha episode 6 that showcase Jeong-Suk’s abilities as a doctor, which have impressed Dr. Jeon and also helped her win a bet against In-Ho. As always, it’s great to see her winning when so many people and circumstances are stacked against her constantly.
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 6
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 6 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Dae-Jin

Date Created: 2023-04-30 20:30

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