Doctor Cha season 1 episode 13 recap & review

In Doctor Cha season 1 episode 13, Jeong-Suk enjoys the little reprieve in which she thrives after deciding to divorce, while Oh Deok-Rye learns about the big secret.


Jeong-Suk talks of divorce and In-Ho responds with an exaggerated display of fainting. He later pleads with her to not get a divorce but Jeong-Suk makes herself loud and clear about it, which Kwak Ae-Sim and the children overhear, prompting the mother-in-law to dramatize her reaction too.

However, when Kwak Ae-Sim later learns from In-Ho just how many assets Seung-Hi is about to inherit from her late father, she’s definitely interested in the prospect of being her mother-in-law all of a sudden.

Meanwhile, Oh Deok-Rye’s shoulder pain worsens and she quits her care worker job as well. When Jeong-Suk learns of it, she brings her to the Gusan University Hospital immediately, where In-Ho, who’s been trying his hardest to win back Jeong-Suk through cringeworthy romantic gestures, staggers in with extreme concern.

Seung-Hi is assigned the responsibility of Oh Deok-Rye and when Jeong-Suk learns about it she tries to lash out at her in private, asking her if she took the case on purpose, to which Seung-Hi is more or less indifferent and tells Jeong-Suk to think whatever she can of it.

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Kwak Ae-Sim arranges a dinner for the Deok-Rye, Jeong-Suk, and the rest of the family, and In-Ho tries to pull off another one of his efforts at winning over Deok-Rye and hopefully Jeong-Suk, who has already told him that it’s too late and these gestures don’t mean anything to her.

Kwak Ae-Sim excuses herself for a moment and shortly spots her boyfriend enjoying time with a woman. She naturally approaches the table and inquires about the woman.

Moments pass, and the family inside the booked room hears Kwak Ae-Sim’s screams, only to rush towards her and see that Professor Park’s wife manhandling Ae-Sim by her hair, alleging her of having an affair with her husband just like her son has a child with his affair.

Oh Deok-Rye stops the fight and asks the woman to clarify what she said, before expressing shock at what she hears and also seeing the truth reflected by Jeong-Suk and In-Ho’s expressions. Doctor Cha episode 13 rolls the credits as Seung-Hi rolls up to the restaurant with her daughter.


  • Doctor Cha season 1 episode 13 is not as strong as the other ones but there are strong moments littered throughout.
  • Jeong-Suk’s upper lip twitches to In-Ho’s stupid and soppy antics are the best parts of this whole affair, while In-Ho’s clueless persistence is plain annoying for the most part.
  • Kwak Ae-Sim’s condition at the end of the episode is pitiable but there’s only so much of it one can extend to a person so constantly bankrupt when it comes to morals or spinal integrity.
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 13
Doctor Cha season 1 episode 13 recap & review 1

Director: Kim Dae-jin, Kim Jung-wook

Date Created: 2023-05-27 20:30

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