Destined with You season 1 episode 13 recap & review

The thirteenth episode of Destined with You sees Hong-jo trying to distance herself from Sin-yu to protect him. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Hong-jo now remembers her past life. In that life, Eun-wol raised her and advised her to accept the spirit in her body. Hong-jo became a shaman and later fell in love with Sin-yu, who ended up killing her.

Hong-jo can no longer stand to see Sin-yu’s face. She asks him to give her some time to think about their relationship. It turns out that the past does not matter to Hong-jo. She is only breaking up with Sin-yu because she wants to protect him.

As long as they are together, Hong-jo’s curse will keep hurting him. When she met Eun-wol, she found out that the curse would only be broken if Sin-yu died. Therefore, Hong-jo decides to let Sin-yu go.

The next day, Jae-gyeong informs Sin-yu that Haum Construction will be taking over the development of Mount Onju, the project that was given to Sin-yu’s father’s company. When Sin-yu accuses him of siding with the mayor despite knowing that this is Na-yeon’s revenge, he claims that he is simply acting as the mayor’s advisor.

Sin-yu later assures his father that he will not let the project go to Haum Construction. He also realizes that his father wants to meet Hong-jo. Sin-yu then visits Hong-jo and finds out that she is breaking up with him because she does not want to see him die at a young age. 

Hong-jo wants to stay away from Sin-yu for a while to see if he gets better, and she leaves no room for argument. The two of them keep missing each other, but Hong-jo is not willing to change her decision.

Hong-jo’s coworkers force her to throw a housewarming party because they want to spend time with Jae-gyeong. When they ask Jae-gyeong to join them, he agrees for Hong-jo’s sake. Later, he also tells Hong-jo that his father is an alcoholic, and that is why he was not happy to see him the other day.

Sin-yu gets drunk with Wook, who drives him to Hong-jo’s house. Hong-jo once again pushes Sin-yu away and breaks his heart. Jae-gyeong overhears their conversation and comforts an equally upset Hong-jo. She admits to him that she thinks Sin-yu is sick because of her.

Mr. Gong’s blind date with Seung-yeon keeps getting canceled, but Seung-yeon still insists on meeting him. Ms. Ma gets jealous and allows Mr. Gong to tell her that he is dating her. To do that, Mr. Gong finally meets Seung-yeon, who turns out to be a beautiful woman.

When Gi-dong waters the plant in Sin-yu’s office, he sees red water seeping out of the pot. This leads to Sin-yu taking the plant out of its pot. He finds his and Hong-jo’s clothing in the pot, which makes him suspect that Na-yeon is working with the garden owner.

He meets Na-yeon and confronts her about stealing his and Hong-jo’s clothes. Na-yeon then admits that Na Jung-beom was stalking Hong-jo and that she had no idea what he intended to do with their clothes. Sin-yu does not believe her and tells her that this is the last time he is warning her.

Jae-gyeong is on a business trip, but he keeps checking the CCTV footage. He sees Na Jung-beom lurking around the house and informs Sin-yu. He also calls the police. Jae-gyeong and Sin-yu keep calling Hong-jo, but she does not answer the phone.

Na Jung-beom attacks Hong-jo, but he has to run away, as the police show up. Sin-yu also comes to Hong-jo’s house and takes her to his place to keep her safe.

Sin-yu sees Na Jung-beom’s car in his building’s parking lot. He leaves Hong-jo in his apartment and goes to the parking lot to check. When he calls Na Jung-beom, he finds out that Na Jung-beom is going to attack Hong-jo again.

Sin-yu rushes to save her and stops Na Jung-beom from harming Hong-jo, but he ends up getting stabbed in the process. Na Jung-beom flees once again, and Hong-jo finds Sin-yu bleeding to death.


  • This episode gets repetitive with Hong-jo and Sin-yu having the same conversation over and over again. Due to that, their break-up is also not as impactful as it should have been.
  • Additionally, characters sacrificing their love for the one they love is not the most original idea that the show has come up with. However, the scene that depicts Sin-yu’s quiet acceptance of Hong-jo’s decision is a little touching.
  • The episode gets better towards the end when there is danger and a sense of urgency. The scene is full of tension, and it ends with Sin-yu getting stabbed.
Destined with You season 1 episode 13
Destined with You season 1 episode 13 recap & review 1

Director: Nam Ki-hoon

Date Created: 2023-10-07 12:01

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