Destined with You season 1 episode 12 recap & review

The twelfth episode of Destined with You sees Sin-yu rescuing Hong-jo, which leads to Hong-jo remembering her past life. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Sin-yu worries about Hong-jo when she does not answer her phone. He asks Mr. Gong about her whereabouts and goes to Mount Onju to look for her. At the same time, Na Jung-beom is planning to bury Hong-jo alive. 

Sin-yu suspects that Na Jung-beom is behind Hong-jo’s disappearance, so he calls him to let him know that he is coming to visit him. Sin-yu also tells him about the recovery of the human corpse, and Na Jung-beom abandons his plan of killing Hong-jo. 

Hong-jo has a vision of her past life. She sees her younger self meeting Sin-yu. When she wakes up, she tells Sin-yu where she is, and he rescues her. Instead of telling him that someone pushed her, she tells Sin-yu that she tripped and fell into the pit.

Sin-yu had earlier told her that he had seen her younger self in his dreams. Hong-jo now asks him about that dream. However, Sin-yu gets worried when she tells him about her dream and does not reveal anything about his dream.

The corpse that was found buried in the park is a skeleton now, but surprisingly, its hands have not been skeletonized, which means that the police will be able to identify the victim. Mr. Gong tells his team that Sin-yu believes it to be Na Jung-beom’s wife.

Now that Hong-jo’s coworkers are not speaking to her again, she goes back to eating alone, but Jae-gyeong keeps her company. Hong-jo then goes to Mount Onju again to get the pit filled. 

On her way there, she stops at a convenience store to check the CCTV footage and comes to know that Na Jung-beom followed her on the day she was pushed into the pit. 

Sin-yu had also checked the CCTV footage, so they run into each other at Na Jung-beom’s workplace. He now knows that Hong-jo lied to him about tripping and asks her to keep him informed whenever she goes out alone.

Wook gets Sin-yu’s mother to work again. Meanwhile, Ms. Ma tells Mr. Gong that her ex-husband wants to get back with her. Mr. Gong then works on his presentation about the advantages of living with him all night, only to find out that Ms. Ma is not giving her ex-husband another chance.

Sin-yu is troubled by the return of the Red Hand. The Red Hand hurts him so much that he collapses and has to be taken to the hospital by Hong-jo. Sin-yu’s MRI shows no signs of lesions, so his doctor recommends that he see a psychologist.

Hong-jo looks for a spell to cure Sin-yu and has another vision of her past life. She remembers writing the spell book in her past life. Hong-jo was a shaman in her past life, and the name Aeng-cho was given to her by Sin-yu.

As the mayor and Sin-yu’s father keep pushing him to marry Na-yeon, Sin-yu confronts her about cheating on him with Mr. Lee, the owner of Haum Construction. Sin-yu saw him in one of Na-yeon’s photographs when she showed him his and Hong-jo’s photographs on her phone.

Na-yeon knows that there is no hope of dating Sin-yu now, so she decides to give him a parting present. The mayor then gives the Mount Onju development project to Haum Construction. 

Jae-gyeong’s father finds his new house and wants Jae-gyeong to pay him to stay away from his life. The mayor tells Jae-gyeong that Haum Construction is bribing them and that Jae-gyeong will also get some of that money.

The skeleton that was found buried in the park turns out to be Na Jung-beom’s wife, and the police arrest Na Jung-beom. Sin-yu and Hong-jo are relieved to know that he is in prison. However, he is released later on.

Ms. Ma takes her team out for dinner. Hong-jo gets drunk and tells her coworkers that Jae-gyeong is her neighbor. She also talks about the spell book and how Sin-yu fell in love with her, but they all dismiss it as drunk ramblings.

A drunk Hong-jo comes to Sin-yu’s house and falls asleep. When she touches his face in the morning, she remembers touching him in a similar manner in her past life. Her hand was covered in blood back then. 

Hong-jo decides to meet Eun-wol, and when Sin-yu goes to pick her up, she takes him to see the snow. She tries to touch his face, but he flinches away, and she asks him whether he knows that the Red Hand is hers.

She remembers Sin-yu killing her in her past life. He cried as he watched her die in his arms. Before dying, she touched his face with her bloodied hand and told him that whoever kills her would get cursed.


  • This episode had some light-hearted scenes, but the ending suggests that there will not be any in the next few episodes, as Hong-jo now remembers her past life.
  • The show had indicated that the Red Hand belongs to Hong-jo in the previous episodes, so the revelation does not come as a surprise. However, when it comes to the reason behind Sin-yu killing Hong-jo, the show does not give any hints.
  • Na-yeon and Na Jung-beom continue to be unexciting antagonists. Furthermore, the show keeps dragging out their stories unnecessarily.
Destined with You season 1 episode 12
Destined with You season 1 episode 12 recap & review 1

Director: Nam Ki-hoon

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