Destined with You season 1 episode 11 recap & review

In the eleventh episode of Destined with You, the news of Hong-jo dating Sin-yu becomes public in the most undesirable way. The episode is now streaming on Netflix.


Sin-yu pushes Hong-jo away after feeling the caress of the Red Hand. Sin-yu lets Hong-jo believe that he is not well instead of telling her about the Red Hand. He then takes her shopping, as they are going to stay there for the night and not go back home.

Jae-gyeong finds out about Hong-jo leaving with Sin-yu and regrets telling Sin-yu about the mayor’s decision to transfer Hong-jo. Na-yeon introduces herself to Jae-gyeong and questions him about his feelings for Hong-jo.

Jae-gyeong realizes that she is the one who made the mayor transfer Hong-jo. Due to that, he is not interested in talking to her, but he does ask her to think about her actions before she acts.

The next morning, Sin-yu takes Hong-jo to see the sunrise, which reminds her of all the times her father took her to see the sunrise on New Year. She thanks Sin-yu for taking her there, as she does not feel lonely like she does every year since her father’s death.

The two of them run into Jae-gyeong, who sees them holding hands. Hong-jo invites Jae-gyeong to have breakfast with them. As usual, Jae-gyeong and Sin-yu keep vying for Hong-jo’s attention.

Hong-jo cannot stop thinking about Sin-yu’s illness and wants to perform a mind and body cleansing spell. As Hong-jo and Sin-yu are dating now, they spend more time with each other and grow closer.

Everyone at City Hall is talking about Sin-yu and Hong-jo leaving together. Sin-yu also speaks to the mayor. After that, there is no talk of Hong-jo’s transfer. At the same time, Na-yeon sends the plant that the garden owner used to curse Hong-jo and Sin-yu to Sin-yu’s office.

She then visits Sin-yu and confronts him about breaking his promise. However, Sin-yu thinks that Na-yeon has no one to blame but herself, as she tried to get Hong-jo transferred. Furthermore, he does not bother removing the cursed plant from his office.

Sin-yu meets Mr. Gong and informs him that the garden owner has been fooling Mr. Gong’s team and inflating the prices. Mr. Gong tells Sin-yu that they include the garden owner, whose name is revealed to be Na Jung-beom, in all the events because of what happened to him in the past.

Na Jung-beom’s wife went missing some years ago, and everybody at City Hall suspected that it was his doing. He was acquitted of all charges, but he drank a lot because of the rumors. Mr. Gong’s team manager felt bad for him, so he decided to give him all the work to help him out.

Hong-jo’s seniors take her out to question her about her relationship with Sin-yu. When Sin-yu comes to know about it, he joins them with Gi-dong. When he is asked about his last relationship, he tells them that he has broken up with his girlfriend, and everyone assumes that he is talking about Hong-jo.

Hong-jo tries to tell her seniors that she is dating Sin-yu, but they do not give her a chance to talk to them. Sin-yu drops Hong-jo home, and a drunk Jae-gyeong expresses how upset he is about her moving on with Sin-yu so soon. However, he feels embarrassed about his actions the next day.

Mr. Gong goes to stay at Ms. Ma’s house and gives her a document detailing the advantages of living with him. Ms. Ma does not want him to live with her, but she asks him to rewrite the document, hinting that she will consider it.

Sin-yu visits his doctor and informs him that he is hallucinating again. His doctor tells him that if no lesions are detected in his MRI, then he should consult a psychologist. Sin-yu then finds a paper that was written by him in his past life.

Sin-yu had written about how the curse that was placed on him would be passed down for generations; it would never end. He asked his progeny for one favor — leave the shrine on Mount Onju as it is.

Sin-yu asks Hong-jo what she would do if she found out that he was her mortal enemy in their past life. Hong-jo does not think that the past matters. She only cares about their present, so Sin-yu makes her promise not to change her mind. He also gets a pair of couple bracelets for them.

Na Jung-beom has been stalking Hong-jo and taking her pictures. He sends her pictures with Sin-yu and Jae-gyeong to Na-yeon, who posts them on the City Hall message board. This leads everyone to believe that Hong-jo is dating both men at the same time.

Hong-jo’s seniors think that she let them make a fool of themselves in front of Sin-yu by not telling them about her relationship. Hong-jo’s seniors are no longer speaking to her, and everyone else at work is speaking ill of her. Hong-jo asks Na-yeon whether this is her doing, but Na-yeon denies it. 

Na Jung-beom is excluded from the partner selection, so he comes to Sin-yu’s office to complain about it. However, he is more interested in the rumors about Hong-jo. This leads to Sin-yu making an inquiry about his wife’s disappearance to make him aware that he knows about it.

Later, a tree mysteriously dies, and Mr. Gong goes to check it. When the tree is uprooted, a skeleton is found buried in that place. Sin-yu suspects that these could be Na Jung-beom’s wife’s remains.

On the other hand, Hong-jo goes to check out a huge pit. Sin-yu calls her, and just when she is about to answer, Na Jung-beom pushes her into the pit, which results in Hong-jo losing consciousness.


  • This episode is more of a filler, and it is all over the place. Apart from the plot being cluttered, the pacing is also bad and most of the events fail to hold the audience’s attention.
  • The show did not take time to explore Sin-yu and Hong-jo’s love story. It progressed way too fast, and now that they are dating, their love for each other seems nothing more than a fleeting infatuation. 
  • Hong-jo’s character is constantly infantilized. The way she talks and acts makes her seem like a child rather than a grown woman, and this is the most irksome thing about the episode. Sin-yu not telling Hong-jo about his dealings with the mayor further emphasizes this idea. 
Destined with You season 1 episode 11
Destined with You season 1 episode 11 recap & review 1

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