Demon Slayer season 3 episode 6 recap & review: Aren’t You Going to Become A Hashira?

In Demon Slayer season 3 episode 6, Tanjiro finds the main body of Hantengu that’s controlling the other four emotions while Genya unleashes his demonic side to lend help.


Tanjiro is shocked to see Genya’s demonic look while also finding out that the Hantengu clones won’t be killed off by simply detaching all their heads at the same time. While the demons regenerate, slowly this time around, Tanjiro deduces there must be a fifth demon controlling all four of these.

He takes Nezuko out of the rubble while Sekido gets done with his regeneration. A rabid Genya grabs Tanjiro by his neck and alleges that he wants to become a Hashira before him, which he won’t let happen since he wishes to become one very desperately and determinedly.

Tanjiro expresses happiness at Genya’s quest to become a Hashira and the innocence and sincerity in his eyes manages to pull Genya out of his demonic takeover. Tanjiro then asks him to head off in the direction of the main body of Hantengu that he’s sniffed out at last.

However, Sekid, Urogi, Aizetsu, and Kataku pose great obstacles, with Tanjiro pushing hard to stop them from neutralizing Genya. Tanjiro manages to pull them back while taking a couple of strong attacks from them as well.

Genya runs off and with the help of Tanjiro’s pin-point directions, manages to locate Hantengu’s main body, which is about the size of a mouse, on top of being awfully fast and strong, with Genya’s sword and gun failing to inflict any sort of damage onto him.

When he is about to be impaled in the head by Sekido from behind, Genya reminisces about the tragic past and the quest he couldn’t finish. His past is revealed in a flashback where it’s shown how her mother became a victim of a demon and Sanemi had to kill her.

With all his siblings other than Sanemi and his mother dead, a traumatized Genya called Sanemi a murderer — something he regrets extremely to this day and wants to apologize to his brother for, which is also the reason he wants to become a Hashira.

Right when he accepts his fate, Tanjiro arrives and prevents Genya from being killed. Soon, he’s attacked from behind by Aizetsu, but Genya comes in between and takes on his multi-spear attack, getting riddled with extremely big holes.

He asks Tanjiro to head off and slice Hantengu’s small but formidable body, and Tanjiro does so, but before he can the attack he launches can reach the demon, Demon Slayer season 3 episode 6 rolls the credits.


  • In the midst of his legendary moves and attacks, it is his mid-fight deduction skills and propensity to improve that remains Tanjiro’s trump card and most impressive quality.
  • Genya’s back story is one painful flashback, albeit a bit worn-out and trite, but his motivations for becoming a Hashira are a bit iffy, to say the least.
  • Meanwhile, the other demon slayer continues to make no advancements in his battle, as Gyokko remains gleeful as ever while essentially keeping Muichiro hostage.
  • As Tanjiro and the company’s battle has already started to become somewhat stale, the most exciting part remains the hype that surrounds the legendary sword Haganezuka is working hard to beat into shape.
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 6
Demon Slayer season 3 episode 6 recap & review: Aren't You Going to Become A Hashira? 1

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