Muichiro Tokito: Demon Slayer character explained

Muichiro Tokito is one of the more formidable characters in Demon Slayer, with an offbeat persona and a rich ancestry to boot.

Muichito Tokito is the Mist Hashira and among the most powerful demon slayers in the world. With a striking contrast between his personality and his powers, Tokito stands tall with his short stature, inspiring conflicting feelings in Tanjiro during their first proper conversations.

Short stature & arrogance

Muichiro Tokito is of a short stature, even shorter than Tanjiro, younger than him too. However, these physical aspects don’t detract from his might as a demon slayer in any manner.

Tokito is mostly nonchalant and quiet, interacting and talking in an almost ghoulish way. He does have an air of arrogance though, and coupled with his blunt attitude and penchant for logical thinking, he can deal significant blows upon others with nothing more than words.

Muichiro Tokito and Tanjiro
Image source: Netflix

When he first meets Kotetsu, he even physically assaults him to get what he wants from him, telling him how his time as a Hashira far exceeds the time of a swordsmith in terms of importance.

He’s mostly acting aloof and indifferent, but Tanjiro is perplexed because on one hand, he doesn’t like Tokito’s verbal offenses but on the other hand he can’t sense any malice emanating from him.

Power & past

Muichiro Tokito is incredibly powerful, which only makes sense since he’s one of the Hashiras. Serving as the Mist Hashira, Tokito secures one of the more unique spots among the Hashiras, having became a Hashira in under two months.

Tanjiro gets a taste of his power when he first tries to confront him, observing how he can’t even move Tokito’s hands off of Kotetsu. Later, all it takes for him to knock Tanjiro out is a swift move he makes within a blink of and eye.

His crow informs Tanjiro that Muichiro Tokito is a descendant of the orginal Sun Breather — Yoriichi. Later on in the anime, Tokito is going to be trading blows with someone from his family, invoking all his skills and power.

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