Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 11 recap & review: The Functional Relationship of Our Love

In Crash Course in Romance episode 11, Hae-e reveals the nature of her relationship with Haeng-Seon to the world, as the latter and Chi-Yeol finally face each other and their feelings for each other.


Hae-e reveals that Haeng-Seon’s actually single and her aunt, following which Choi Chi-Yeol and Haeng-Seon finally meet and embrace each other. As the two giddy love birds get closer and entertain various love-sick activities, Mr. Ji grows resentful of her.

The All Care moms try and fail to convince Su-Hui to apologize to Haeng-Seon, following which they meet her and after expressing how sorry they are, they ask her to put a word in for Chi-Yeol to consider re-entering the All Care program.

As he debates it over by himself, Haeng-Seon helps Chi-Yeol decide on whether he wants to remain with Pride Academy or accept a new deal with another institution. He ends up deciding that he’ll remain where he works right now.

This further rubs Mr. Ji the wrong way, who later on expresses his resentment as a pointed, passive-aggressive remark to Haeng-Seon when she, along with Chi-Yeol, Yeong-Ju, and Hae-e, goes to compete at a bowling alley.

Haeng-Seon shares this bit of concern over potential friction between her and Mr. Ji with Chi-Yeol, which causes a bit of a rough patch in their dynamic temporarily.

Meanwhile, Hae-e is hit on by Geon-Hu in the front of the class, as he asks her to go out with him if he gets into a college. Sun-Jae continues to burn with the incapability of confessing his feelings, something Dan-Ji warns him about, asking him to make haste or lose Hae-e to Geon-Hu.

Meanwhile, Ms. Jang restricts Hui-Jae’e movements, and when Sun-Jae returns home, he finds Hui-Jae knocking on his room’s door furiously, falling down as soon as his brother opens the door.

Later, the detectives catch up to Hui-Jae when they pick up suspicious energy from Sun-Jae, who denies ever seeing the guy in the photo they hold in front of him. When he informs Hui-Jae about them, the detectives arrive at the door.

Initially hiding inside his room, Hui-Jae blasts open the door and makes a run for it, as the detectives give chase. Crash Course in Romance episode 11 ends with Hui-Jae almost getting hit by the car that Chi-Yeol and Haeng-Seon are in.


  • Chi-Yeol and Haeng-Seon take no time for their first scuffle which is not all adorable as one would expect from a first fight between two lovesick birds.
  • Mr. Ji’s aversion to Haeng-Seon is tacit as anything, and since he’s most likely the person from Chi-Yeol’s dark past, she must be wary of what awaits her in the future.
  • As Crash Course in Romance nears its end, stakes are about to get higher, both in terms of the romances that are and that could be, as well as the lives that face great oncoming peril.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 11
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 11 recap & review: The Functional Relationship of Our Love 1

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