Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Emotion, the Variable That Alters Relationships

In Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 10, Chi-Yeol and Haeng-Seon are forced by the circumstances to keep their feelings from each other.


Chi-Yeol’s confession of his feelings causes an uproar everywhere and parents begin asking for refunds from the academy left and right. The director asks Chi-Yeol to take a two-week break while working to replace him with another math teacher.

Haeng-Seon confronts him about what he just did and he confesses again, this time in a more intimate environment. He also says that he knows he can’t go ahead anywhere with these feelings and that they’re wrong but also that he has them, before leaving.

Later, he drinks with his old friend and Hae-e’s school math teacher Jong-Ryeol. The two kinds reconcile their differences while talking about the past and being idiots. When Chi-Yeol gets knocked out from drinking too much, Jong-Ryeol calls Jae-Woo, who carries the star teacher to his house.

When he notices he has a fever, though, he calls Haeng-Seon, who arrives to help get his fever down. Thinking it’s a dream, Chi-Yeol kisses Haeng-Seon. Later on, he disappears without noticing Mr. Ji, who informs Haeng-Seon about it, worried.

Meanwhile, the detectives work on Yi-Sang’s death, whose dead body was found and also a metal ball inside his pocket.

When Sun-Jae’s father, who overhears the detectives, tells his wife about it, worrying for his son since he goes to the same academy that’s related to these deaths, Ms. Jang gets worried.

She connects the metal ball to Hui-Jae’s last location that she tracked on her phone. She beats on his door to ask him about it, but Hui-Jae drowns himself in loud music, still panicking from something that troubles him deeply.

Haeng-Seon rushes off to Chi-Yeol’s favorite fishing spot and finds him there. They then go to her mother’s restaurant to eat, where he reveals to her that it was she who was his savior during his struggling days.

He later tells Haeng-Seon he’s figured it out that he has been confusing his gratitude for her mother with his feelings for her. As he drops her at her home, she hugs Yeong-Ju, crying and confessing how much she likes him.

Later on, Hae-e, who’d seen Haeng-Seon crying earlier on, goes to intervene on Mr. Popular’s live stream, who’s ambushed Chi-Yeol and Mr. Ji, asking him about the scandal.

Hae-e reveals to everyone that Haeng-Seon’s not her mom, but her aunt, and also single, announcing that her aunt and Chi-Yeol don’t have a scandal, but a romance, as Crash Course in Romance episode 10 rolls the credits.


  • Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 10 is a romantic delight, as the central couple goes through the soppy ups and downs of their romance that never gets to bloom properly.
  • They might not have started dating, but they’ve already exchanged their first kiss, albeit one that Chi-Yeol isn’t aware happened for real.
  • Hae-e finally musters up the courage to reveal the truth of her relationship with Haeng-Seon to everyone, but what will it do to their relationship is an interesting part of the story moving forward, especially when her visible hesitation at calling Haeng-Seon her mother is already a thing.
  • However, the biggest effect of the recent revelations would very likely be the start of Haeng-Seon and Chi-Yeol’s official dating, which is good news for all the fans of Crash Course in Romance.
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 10
Crash Course in Romance season 1 episode 10 recap & review: Emotion, the Variable That Alters Relationships 1

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