Who is Ji Dong-Hui? Crash Course in Romance character explained

Ji Dong-Hui remains one of Chi-Yeol’s biggest support systems through all the challenges and struggles that have inflicted his life recently, while also being one of the very few characters whose past is still a mystery.

Choi Chi-Yeol is a celebrity math instructor at The Pride Academy, raking in trillions of won per year with his super popular coaching classes. However, the ridiculous fame also brings a ridiculous fandom rife with obsessed students, on top of the work pressure and debilitating stress.

Throughout his stacked scheduling and physically taxing workload, one companion has been by his side, lending him his hand through thick and thin, and that is his secretary Ji Dong-Hui.

A responsible shoulder

Being a secretary of Chi-Yeol comes with its gigantic share of burdens and responsibilities, but Dong-Hui handles them with finesse and a competence befitting of a person assisting a workaholic and a strictly professional big name like Chi-Yeol.

From scheduling Chi-Yeol’s days to keeping track of his diet, Dong-Hui also deeply cares about the well-being of the star instructor.

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Additionally, he also continuously capes and covers for Chi-Yeol, who has a tendency to find himself in one averse situation after another. It’s quite often that the role of the Deus ex machina in Chi-Yeol’s helpless conditions falls on Ji Dong-Hui.

The persona

Dong-Hui, although ever-present in Chi-Yeol’s vicinity, remains quite a mystery in the show thus far. His past, family, and motivations are currently unknown.

While a sincere and compassionate guy, Dong-Hui’s character has been sort of one-dimensionally positive. Even when he presents his dissenting views regarding a subject or a rash decision that Chi-Yeol has made, he isn’t dramatic about it.

Ji Dong-Hui & Chi-Yeol Crash Course in Romance
Image source: Netflix

Meanwhile, he’s also like the first responder that only caters to the emergencies of Chi-Yeol, who does have a penchant for getting himself into dire circumstances rather frequently.

Yeong-Ju has been smitten by him ever since she first saw him, and while Dong-Hui isn’t exactly oblivious to feelings, anything about his romantic life or any kind of a romantic response from him is yet to be seen.

Characteristics & motivations

As for his motivations, Ji Dong-Hui is a puzzle, except for the obvious motivation that seems to be driving him, and that’s Chi-Yeol’s well-being.

However, there may be more layers to peel off of him than the outermost one, which only seems to represent his one-note persona.

Even Chi-Yeol himself isn’t all that aware of what his secretary does outside of his work shifts. Additionally, Ji Dong-Hui doesn’t indulge in any luxuries for himself either, when he most certainly can.

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