Chainsaw Man episode 7 recap & review: Taste of a Kiss

Chainsaw Man’ grinds and grates through the devil that once seemed invincible in episode 7, while the prospect of Denji’s first kiss entails some hideous developments.


Denji preps for attack after adorably growling at Aki for saving him since he doesn’t want anyone’s debts anymore. He then takes an enthused plunge down the stairwell, instantly hacking and sawing his way through the organic sentient sludge that is the Eternity Devil.

As his brutal chainsaw spree continues, Himeno is reminded of what her superior once said to her during her early days as a hunter. He talked about how it would take a hunter with a few screws loose to take down the Gun Devil.

Himeno then thinks about the lunch she was having with Aki, thinking how he’d die fighting the Gun Devil not because he’s incompetent but because he’s cool, serious, and kind — but Denji’s current proclivities for violence stand in contrast to those of Aki’s.

Cut to Denji, and the devil hunter is contending with some struggle in the wake of all the attacks that the Eternity Devil inflicts upon him, ceaselessly drawing blood from him and making him weaker by the second.

Thankfully, Denji finds out a hack that essentially renders this battle into a perpetual motion machine where the devil makes Denji bleed, who then drinks the blood of the devil and replenishes his own.

The cycle continues for three days and in a painful irony, the Eternity Devil writhes in agony that Denji’s perpetual slaughter inflicts on him. The devil finally gives up, both in energy and in morale, while Denji, revved up as ever, deals the final slash.

Incredibly exhausted, Aki and Denji are escorted to safety by the others and sometime later, the hunters all gather for a party. Some new faces are introduced and Denji reminds Himeno of the kiss she offered as a deal.

Himeno asks for some time to get properly drunk before she touches tongues with him. Meanwhile, Makima arrives and Denji is conflicted about kissing Himeno in the former’s presence.

However, Himeno makes a move and kisses him; a blissful first-of-its-kind experience delights Denji, albeit only for a few moments; feeling something melting in his tongue, Denji becomes a victim of Himeno’s barf that she throws up all inside his mouth.

Arai helps Denji vomit all the horrors out into the toilet but the mental scars of what just transpired are harder to recover from. While the others leave for their house, Himeno carries Denji on her back and takes him home.

‘Chainsaw Man’ episode 7 ends with Himeno forcing herself onto a 16-year-old Denji, who’s also inebriated and traumatised following the barfing incident earlier.


  • Denji is an even more explicit case of someone who doesn’t recognise the power dynamic in front of his hormone-driven desires and needs. However, Himeno does and that’s what makes her advances towards Denji all the more problematic.
  • An alcoholic influence isn’t an excuse and the way the episode ends is indefensible, should Himeno not even go ahead with the reprehensible act.
  • In addition to the aforementioned bits, the episode, like much of ‘Chainsaw Man’ thus far, has been an incredibly mediocre action affair amidst a series of gross acts used for everything from character development to motivation.
  • The one quality supposed to be the redeeming factor during all this terrible trudge is supposed to be the action — something that ‘Chainsaw Man’ has not been able to deliver with anything other than a modicum of satisfaction.
Chainsaw Man episode 7
Chainsaw Man episode 7 recap & review: Taste of a Kiss 1

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