Chainsaw Man episode 5 recap & review: Gun Devil

Chainsaw Man episode 5 ‘Gun Devil’ sees Denji and the team as they follow the trail of one of the fiercest devils out there, with Denji finding some new motivations as well as new perils.


Chainsaw Man episode 5 opens with Denji finally getting permission to act upon his perversions as he fondles Power’s breasts a total of three times.

However, by the time it’s over, Denji is not a bit satisfied with the experience. Following that, Denji begins to doubt his goals and drives and wonders if his other goals will also be just as unsatisfactory when achieved.

Later, Makima changes his mind and alleviates all his doubts by taking his hand and putting it on her breasts. She reinvigorates his sex drive and the drive in general by offering him to do anything he wants from her, if he manages to kill the Gun Devil.

This devil is especially diabolical, having killed over a million people and caused incomprehensible devastation. He hasn’t been spotted in a long time so it’ll be difficult to track him down as well.

None of that concerns Denji, though, as his drive has just been cranked to an eleven by Makima’s hyper-seductive proffering. Later, Aki briefs Denji a bit on the Gun Devil.

The body parts that this devil sheds have a magnetic property and tend to stick to each other whenever they’re proximate to each other.

Using that, Hayakawa has tracked down a devil who has other parts of Gun Devil, hiding in a hotel. Aki, Denji, Power, Himeno, Kobeni, and Arai head out to hunt the devil.

Seeing Power and Denji slacking off and being delinquents, Himeno offers a kiss upon successfully completing the mission. Denji is revved up again and they all head straight in.

Himeno asks Aki if the rookies are reliable. As per the assessment, Kobeni is timid but talented, while Arai is headstrong. Add to that a Fiend and a delinquent, and an unreliable team is formed that heads for a mission that could prove dangerous.

After the reveal of Himeno’s deal with the ghost devil (she can use an invisible ghost arm to confront enemies as part of the deal, which she uses on Power as a demonstration), a little devil appears.

On the eighth floor, they encounter the tiny devil and quickly exterminate him. However, the mission turns perilous as soon as they realise that they’re stuck in a spatial loop and can’t escape the floor they’re currently on.


  • In Chainsaw Man episode 5, Denji has come the closest he’s been to his first goal as he gets to touch and fondle breasts for the first time in his life.
  • Power, who uses pads to accentuate her breasts, comes through with the deal and lets Denji do what he wanted so badly to do.
  • However, the experience is a dud and Denji is reduced to a husk of a man, his conscience now a hollow chamber where doubts about his drive and goals reverberate chaotically.
  • Thankfully for him, Makima comes through as a saviour and replenishes his increasingly debilitating faith in sexual acts as his foremost life goal.
  • Meanwhile, the slate of characters in focus this season has grown and new characters are introduced.
  • However, there’s also a nagging sense of doom surrounding these characters. It’ll be up to the time to tell what fate awaits these additions.
  • The biggest reveal of Chainsaw Man episode 5 is the Gun Devil, who is sure to provide the protagonists with some real dread when the inevitable battle arrives.
Chainsaw Man episode 5
Chainsaw Man episode 5 recap & review: Gun Devil 1

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